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  A Fix for the Arcom Audio Delay Board
By Ken Arck AH6LE
html'd by Mike Morris WA6ILQ
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Arcom reports that some RAD users have reported a "swooshing" sound when one first keys up.

We have a simple fix for this problem which requires replacing the 2.2 uf electrolytic capacitors (C1, C3, C5 & C8) with .1 uf non-electrolytics (i.e. non-polarized capacitors). The capacitors are clearly marked on the board's silkscreen and the new value is NOT .01uf but 0.1uf.

There was a concern that there would be a difference in the frequency response of the board, but there was none as the CODEC IC rolls off everything below 300 Hz. I measured absolutely no difference after the capacitor swap.

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This page originally posted on 16-Aug-2006

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