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Programming Example for the
RC210/Reecom 1630 WX Radio

By Randy Elliott VE3JPU
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Several people have inquired about how to program the RC210 to work with the weather radio, so I'm presenting my configuration information here.

First decide what type alarm out from the WX radio you wish to use:
I used the contact closure (basically a switch).

Determine which of the five alarm inputs you wish to use:
I used Alarm Input #1.

Decide what you want the alarm to do, as far as your repeater system is concerned:
I wanted to use the WX radio's own alarm siren to be played out over the two repeaters we have connected. Remember, for this set-up to work, you need to have the WX Radio audio on or un-muted all the time.

Decide what ports you want to broadcast the WX radio audio out of:
My case it was both Port 1 and 2 (both repeaters).

Decide how long you wish to have the Aux. Audio connected to the other Port or Ports:
I determined through trial and error for the longest weather warning that I would need and for me that was 100 seconds.

OK. Let's program. These programming commands are based on Firmware version 5.283.

For this programming example, I will be using the following parameters:

First, program a macro to tell the controller what to do when a weather alert is received.

We want to connect Aux. Audio #1 to Ports 1 and 2. For this we must put the audio steering command as the first command in our macro: *4002 41 165 146

Set the Aux. Audio #1 time out timer to 100 seconds: *1013 100

Enable Alarm Input #1: 1911

Program the Alarm Trigger (and the macro it will call - 41) of Alarm input #1 for a Falling Edge trigger to correspond to the contact closure from the WX Radio. Remember: one wire connected to the WX Radio's alarm output jack will connect to the Alarm Input #1 pin of the I/O connector and the other wire will connect to ground: *2101 1 41

I have intentionally inserted a space between the fields (variables) of the command strings so you can see the command a little clearer. DON'T put these in when you actually program the string.

You can test your programming by grounding the Alarm Input line momentarily and the audio from the WX Radio should be heard from the ports you have programmed to connect to the Aux. Audio input. Remember that you must have the radio button on the WX Radio pushed to un-mute the WX Radio or else all you will hear is a whole bunch of nothing!

And that, as they say, is all she wrote! Good Luck.

Contact Information:

Randy Elliot is Technical Director of the South Pickering Amateur Radio Club Inc.
He can be contacted at: his-callsign [ at ] rac [ dot ] ca.

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