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  Sealed Lead Acid Battery Charger
By Luke Enriquez VK3EM
Last updated 19-Jan-2002
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Note from Mike WA6ILQ: This repeater-builder web page is a recreation of a web page that at one time was on the Geocities server (which no longer exists as Geocities is out of business). I had done a "Save As" complete web page on my local hard drive before it evaporated, and recreated this page from that set of files.
If VK3EM reades this please contact me.

If anyone decides to make up a PCB let me know, I'll probably want a couple.

MkII Rev C PCB - Top Side

MkII Rev C PCB - Bottom Side

This web page is designed to help people build a high performance sealed lead acid battery charger. The project documented on this page has been turned into a partial kit with a custom made PCB. Most of the information on this page refers to this kit. However, there is also enough information for you to build your own PCB (or use Vero/proto board) or change the design to suit your own purpose.

Special Update
19-Jan-2002 - PCBs and Kits are sold out. No plans are set to make any more.

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