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  Set the CAT-1000 Clock
Using Procomm Plus

By By Jim Hartzell WA3UQD
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Using the Aspect script language of Symantec's communications program ProComm Plus Version 4.7, which is no longer available. There are suitable replacement programs or you might find Version 4.8 on the web. I have written a script to automatically set the clock in a CAT-1000 repeater controller from Computer Automation Technology, Inc. The script retrieves the time, date, and day of week from your PC's clock then formats the command and sends it to the CAT on an existing modem connection. You just run the script anytime you're logged into the controller to set the time and date.

To use the script, download the file using the link below, placing the file in the \Program Files\Procomm Plus\Aspect folder.
Important! Make sure that the short date format in Windows is set to " MM/dd/yyyy " the command will not be built properly with any other setting. This can be changed by double clicking on Regional Settings in the Control Panel, click on the date tab and check/change the setting of "Short date style".

Click here to download the script

For those who are interested the source code can be downloaded also.

Click here to download the source code

E-mail the author at wa3uqd (at) consolidated (dot) net

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