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  Automatically Transfer CAT‑1000 Files Using Procomm Plus
By By Jim Hartzell WA3UQD
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Using the Aspect script feature of Symantec (formerly Quarterdeck) Communication's ProComm Plus Version 4.7 program, I have written scripts to automatically dial, log in, and transfer one or more contiguous blocks of data to/from the Computer Automation Technology, Inc. CAT-1000/CAT-500 repeater controllers.

Unfortunately, Symantec no longer sells or maintains ProComm Plus, but you can find ProComm Plus Version 4.8 and suitable replacements on the web.

Procomm Plus Setup:
A connection directory entry in the data folder is required. The entry must be named CAT-1000. This entry must be set to dial the controller and activate the internal modem.

By altering the dialing string sent to the modem you can enter the control prefix and the *9# command to activate the modem. Simply add a pound and enough commas after the repeaters telephone number to allow time for the controller to answer, enter 1 or 2 more commas and your control prefix followed by a #, then *9# .
Example: 555-1212#,,,,,123#,*9#
The # after the phone number is an end of number indicator for most telephone offices, causing the call to complete sooner. You will be able to hear the controller answer beep and the response "control ready" through your modem's speaker.

Modifying the Scripts:
The generic source files posted for download on this site need to be modified and compiled prior to use. In the example below on line 11 replace the blue text with your modem password. On line 12 optionally change the file name, shown in red, to any file name including a path if needed, be sure to leave the ".00". Changing the violet numbers on lines 13 and 14 will determine which blocks will be transferred. Making both numbers the same will only transfer one block.

proc main

string pwd = "password here"    ;modem password
string dlf = "rptrload.00"             ;root name of file to be loaded
string dlfc                                    ;concatenation with blknum to get flespec
integer startblk = 1                      ;starting block number, in range of 1 to 8
integer endblk = 8                       ;ending block number, must be greater then or equal to startblk
integer blknum                            ;block number pointer
string strblknum                          ;block number pointer as a string value to send

Saving the File:
Save the file to the \Program Files\Procomm Plus\Aspect directory, saving files with different changes will allow easy access to different repeaters or a different set of blocks to be transferred. Procomm requires the ".was" extension.

Compiling the Scripts:  
After making and saving the changes the files must be compiled using the compiler supplied with Procomm.
The compiler/editor program is accessed with the Icon on the tool bar.

Using the Scripts:  
From the main terminal screen of Procomm Plus select the script from the pull-down-menu and the script will start, dial the number, login to the controller and transfer the files and then disconnect. Unless a path was specified when modifying the scripts, the files to be uploaded need to be in the \Program Files\Procomm Plus\Upload directory.
The downloaded files will be placed in the
\Program Files\Procomm Plus\Download directory.

Click here to download the download script

Click here to download the upload script

Contact the author via E-mail at wa3uqd (at) consolidated (dot) net

Copyright Jan. 31 2000 WA3UQD

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