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CES 410 Personal Patch Telephone Interconnect Installation/Programming Instructions   3.5 MB PDF file
CES 510SA Smart Patch Telephone Interconnect Installation/Programming Instructions   3.1 MB PDF file
CES 510SA II Smart Patch Telephone Interconnect Installation/Programming Instructions   9.4 MB PDF file
CES 520D Intelligent Interconnect Manual Rev B   4.8 MB PDF file
CES 520TTS Two-Tone Encoder Wiring Instructions and Schematic Diagram   66 kB PDF file
This is actually the Com-Spec PE-100 board
Interior photo     Printed Circuit Board photo
CES 600-series DTMF Microphones Manual   91 KB PDF file
CES 600L DTMF Microphone Manual   35 KB PDF file
CES 710 DTMF Programmable Microphone Manual   393 KB PDF file
CES 805 DTMF Microphone Manual   98 KB PDF file
CES 810 DTMF Programmable Microphone Manual   1.6 MB PDF file
CES 4700VP Versatile Telephone Interconnect Manual   118 KB PDF file
CES 5000C Telephone Remote Manual   780 KB PDF file
CES ACI-35 Audio Controlled Telephone Interconnect Manual   2.9 MB PDF file
CES ARi-51 CTCSS Encoder Installation Instructions   55 KB PDF file
CES ARi-52 CTCSS Encoder-Decoder Installation Instructions   76 KB PDF file
CES ARi-100 ANI Status Module Documentation/Datasheet   89 KB PDF file
CES ARi-195E ANI Status Console Manual   180 KB PDF file
CES RM-10 Repeater Maker Installation/Programming Instructions   1.9 MB PDF file
CES RM-20 Repeater Maker Plus Manual   106 KB PDF file
CES HDI-68 / SSI-68 Telephone Interconnect Installation/Programming Instructions   7.6 MB PDF file
CES VAD-1 Universal Delay Module Manual   121 KB PDF file

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