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  A photo collection of a GE 4EX3A11 test set
Photos By Bill Cotter N4LG
HTML'd for repeater-builder by Mike Morris WA6ILQ
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Note that the contents of this page, like most here at www.repeater-builder.com, are totally dependent on donations of information.

Anybody have any photos of other cables, or of the inside of the test set?

Anyone have any useful mods?

A while back Bill Cotter N4LG posted a GE 4EX3A11 test set for sale.
I spotted the ad the day it appeared, and quickly emailed him and asked him to take a few photos for Repeater-Builder before he shipped it off to the new owner.
Bill was kind enough to do so. Thanks, Bill.

Click on any photo for the large version.

The right-most connector is for the MVP and similar microphone.

The round 4-pin connector is for the older style microphone. The big black square plug is for the cable to the radio.

The empty case bottom.

The test set in place. I've seen more than one test set that was wrapped in a terrycloth towel for protection.
The upper compartment is for the radio cables, a microphone, etc...

Ready to toss in the back of the station wagon...

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