Mastr III Base Stations
Product Code SX
Radio Configuration Frequency Range RF Power Package Number Conventional Package Number Trunked Package Number Combination Number
With Cabinet 136- 150.8 110W SXGMPA     SXG
Without Cabinet 136- 150.8 110W SXGMPB SXGMCX SXGMTX SXG
With Cabinet 150.8- 174 110W SXHMPA     SXS
Without Cabinet 150.8- 174 110W SXHMPB SXHMCX SXHMTX SXS
With Cabinet 403- 425 90W SXRMPA     SXR
Without Cabinet 403- 425 90W SXRMPB SXRMCX SXRMTX SXR
With Cabinet 410- 430 90W SXPMPA     SXP
Without Cabinet 410- 430 90W SXPMPB SXPMCX SXPMTX SXP
With Cabinet 425- 450 90W SXTMPA     SXT
Without Cabinet 425- 450 90W SXTMPB SXTMCX SXTMTX SXT
With Cabinet 450- 470 100W SXUMPA     SXU
Without Cabinet 450- 470 100W SXUMPB SXUMCX SXUMTX SXU
With Cabinet 470- 494 90W SXVMPA     SXV
Without Cabinet 470- 494 90W SXVMPB SXVMCX SXVMTX SXV
With Cabinet 492- 512 90W SXWMPA     SXW
Without Cabinet 492- 512 90W SXWMPB SXWMCX SXWMTX SXW
With Cabinet 806- 870 100W SXZMPA     SXZ
Without Cabinet 806- 870 100W SXZMPB SX8MCX SX8MTX SXZ
4 TX, 4 RX Frequencies 136- 150.8 110W SXGM01     SXG
150.8- 174 110W SXHM01     SXS
380- 400 75W SXNM01     SXN
403- 425 90W SXRM01     SXR
410- 430 90W SXPM01     SXP
425- 450 90W SXTM01     SXT
450- 470 100W SXUM01     SXU
470- 494 90W SXVM01     SXV
492- 512 90W SXWM01     SXW
806- 870 100W SXZM01     SXZ
Tx Only (Paging Applications) w/o Cabinet 136- 150.8 110W SXGMDX      
150.8- 174 110W SXHMDX      
450- 470 100W SXUMDX      
w/PS, 37" Cab, Antenna Sw, Mtg Hardware 150.8- 174 110W SXHMC1      
450- 470 100W SXUMC1      
Quick Ship w/PS, 37" Cab, Antenna Sw, Mtg Hardware 150.8- 174 110W SXHQC1      
450- 470 100W SXUQC1      
Cabinets and Fans      
37" Cabinet     SXCA1S      
69" Cabinet     SXCA1D      
83" Cabinet     SXCA1U      
86" Open Rack     SXMR1D      
45" Outdoor Cabinet     SXCA1X      
120 VAC 2 Spd Fan     SXFN1A      
230 VAC 2 Spd Fan     SXFA1L      
12 VDC Fan     SXFA1N      
Power Supplies      
120 VAC/60 HZ     SXPS5G      
230 VAC/50 HZ     SXPS5H      
120 VAC/60 HZ (24V) 800 MHz   SXPS5S      
230 VAC/50 HZ (24V) 800 MHz   SXPS5Y      
DC FUSE PANEL, 12/24 VAC 800 MHz   SXPD1M      
Battery Chrgr 10 AMP 120 VAC/60 Hz VHF/UHF   SXCH1L      
Battery Chrgr 10 AMP 230 VAC/50 Hz VHF/UHF   SXCH3A      
Outlet Strip 120V     SXCN1Z      
Outlet Strip 230V     SXCN3H      
Misc Options      
System Panel     SXCN3A      
Amplifier Module     SXDE9C      
Antenna Switch     SXSU3A      
12.5 KHz Channel Factory Configured (Voice Only) VHF/UHF   SXMF5H      
Printed Factory Test Results     SXDP1B      
Service Microphone     SXMC3B      
Voting Tone 1950 Hz includes 4 Wire Audio     SXSF1W      
4 Wire Audio     SXSF3J      
Relay Kit for SOR and Aux Control     SXSU3D      
Aux Rx Setup (Cable & Hardware)     SXMK3S      
Radio Link Application Kit     SXMK3J      
Radio Link Application Kit     SXMK3K      
Data Adapter Module- Provides Voice/Data mode selection. In the data mode, the module will accept NRZ digital input (single polarity or dual polarity in the range of -25 to +25V) at speeds up to 9600 bits/sec. 25KHz Channel Only VHF/UHF SXDE5B      
Aegis Voice Guard Options      
ProVoice Digital Voice     SXSG3X      
Aegis/VG Shelf     SXVG3E      
Aegis/VG Shelf w/Modem     SXVG3F      
Aegis/VG Shelf w/VGE Encryption     SXVV1N      
Aegis/VG Shelf w/DES (non 1027) Encryption     SXVW1J      
Aegis/VG Shelf w/DES (1027) Encryption     SXVG3D      
Aegis/VG Shelf Tone Remote     SXVV1S      
Programmable Options      
DC Remote 1 or 2 Freqs     SXSX3E      
Repeater Duplex Operation 1 Freq     SXSF3F      
DC Remote/Repeater Duplex Operation 1 Freq     SXSF3G      
Tone Remote/Repeater Duplex Operation 1 Freq     SXSF3H      
EDACS Single Channel Autonomous Trunking (SCAT)      
SCAT For Failsoft Rptrs UHF 800 SXCP3Y      
9600 Baud Modem For Multisite Digital or Digital Dispatch   SXMD1D      
EDACS Hotline Telephone Interconnect      
Global Tel Interconnect Panel One per Site   SXMD5R      
Mastr GTI One per channel   SXMD5S      
Interconnect Accounting Manager IAM One per site, optional.   SXMD5T      
EDACS Conventional Network Interface (CNI)      
Requires Conv Base with 4 Wire Tone Remote and Repeater Control. EDACS system must have IMC/CEC switch. VHF UHF 800 Conventional SXCP5T      
Factory Installed Duplexers      
Bp/Br 2-12 MHz Max Separation 150-162   SXDU1J      
Bp/Br 2-12 MHz Max Separation 162-174   SXDU1K      
Bp/Br 5-30 MHz Max Separation 450-470   SXDU1M      
Mastr IIe / Mastr III Programming Software     TQ3353      
Utility Software (Included with TQ3353)     TQ0619      
Mastr IIe / Mastr III Programming Cable     TQ3356      
GETC Programming Software     TQ3357      
GETC Programming Cable     TQ3360      
Mastr III Station Specials Editor Software     TQ0653      
Handset and Coil Cord For use with MIII   SPK9024      
Handset and Coil Cord, Aux Backplane For use with MIIe   TQ0620      
FCC Type Acceptance Number      
AXATR-197-A2 136-174 55-110W        
AXATR-307-A 403-430 45-90W        
AXATR-307-A2 425-450 45-90W        
AXATR-307-B2 450-470 50-100W        
AXATR-307-C2 470-494 45-90W        
AXATR-307-D2 492-512 45-90W        
AXATR-307-A2 800 10-100W