Custom Built 222 MHz.
General Electric MASTR II Repeaters
by Repeater Builder


220 Ham Band
GE MASTR II High-Band mobile converted to 222 MHz. repeater.

NOTE: Not available on pairs 223T940/222R340 thru 224T060/222R460

Items supplied with basic repeater:
This is a conversion of a mobile radio to repeater.  The lock is removed and the receiver RF connection takes the place of it.
A length of heavy duty #10 siamese wire (red/black) is supplied for the power cord.  A variety of interface options (DB-9, plain old wire tail, barrier terminal block) are available for connecting an outboard controller.  This repeater can also be build to include a NHRC internal controller.  The addition of a NHRC/M2 controller makes a really nice package as everything is built internally and the repeater basically becomes 'plug-n'play'.  No duplexer is supplied.

The repeater will require a 20 amp Linear Power supply or equivalent just to run the repeater.  If an add on RF Power Amp is going to be used, please allow for the additional current consumption accordingly.  Astron's are good because of their over-voltage protection.  We don't recommend switching supplies on repeaters.

We use an IFR-1200 A Service Monitor and Cushman CE-15 Spectrum Analyzer in verifying performance on our conversions.  We have the manual on the PLL MASTR II exciter, so we can supply the data on that transmitter.  We choose to use the Japanese power brick for the transmitter PA because it is simply too hard to convert the high-band PA to 220 and have repeatable performance, efficiency, and purity specifications.  The 25 watt brick is rated continuous duty at this power level.

The information in these sites would be used to convert the radio to 222, full duplex:
The Step-By-Step GE MASTR II Conversion Site.
GE MASTR II Infosite.
Comprehensive 220 conversion of the MASTR II.

We also convert user supplied radios.
You can deduct $50 from the stated price of the repeater as referenced above if you ship your working radio (with ICOMS) to us for conversion.

Thanks for your interest in our custom built repeaters.  Let us know if we can help you out.

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