The MASTR II Users' Feedback Page

Although I have tried to cover every thing in the conversion, I managed to miss a step or process here and there.  Thanks to your feed back these conversion pages will become more complete as time passes.  Until I have more time to find a way to integrate your feed back, I'll just list the comments here.
. In most of the MASTR II mods that I see listed have to do with modifying mobiles. There is one mod that I have not seen listed. This is the removal of capacitor C630 on the IF/Audio Squelch Board. This capacitor, when removed, will disable the Fast Squelch function. In station applications this capacitor is removed.   With this capacitor removed, the "popping" will be reduced when a user has mobile flutter.

The capacitor is a 4.7 uF Tantalum (or electrolytic on older boards) and is located next to the metering socket at the notch.

If you have any questions, please call me as my E-mail may not be reliable to be forwarded to me through my company E-mail system from the internet.

Bryan Dorbert N3ST
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