Custom Built
General Electric Repeaters
- MASTR II, or Custom MVP -
Mobile to repeater conversions
by Scott Zimmerman - Repeater Builder - the company
A division of Zimmerman Electronics


We custom build repeaters from GE MASTR II mobiles
On these bands:

10 meters, 6 meters or Low-Band Commercial
2 meters or High-Band Commercial
222 MHz HAM
UHF Amateur, Commercial, or GMRS

Compact, portable repeaters are built from GE Custom MVP mobile radios.

Repeaters can be built to include just the necessities or with all of the features available, from your radio or ours.

« Available Features/Options »
Ham or Commercial grade, or frequency. 
(Crystals, ICOMS also available on your frequency)
Type accepted for Commercial Service.
Unsurpassed Commercial Quality.
(Even in Amateur Grade models.)
Highly selective/sensitive RF and I-F stages.
Various brands and models of controllers can be installed, or simple interface cable that connects to your controller.
Low Current models available for Solar/Wind Power.
Autopatch and Linking support.
Internal receiver preamp option.
Adjustable RF level.
CTCSS option for PL tone decode, encode,  both, or encode upon COS.
Internal Volume/Squelch controls.
Superior squelch action with Link-Comm "MICOR" squelch board option. (recommended on UHF)
Squelch modification so  "AND Squelch" is used.
Various power levels.
Excellent audio.
PLL option available on VHF and 220 with "Flat Audio" throughput for hub repeater and linking applications.
Value Priced! Read on.......

Click on the links below for more specific information on each band.

10 meter, 6 meter, or Low-Band

2 meter or High-Band

222 MHz


Copyright©  8/26/2001 M. Scott Zimmerman N3XCC