Tuning Procedures
for various GE MASTR II's
By Kevin Custer  W3KKC

General Tune-up Help:
. General Alignment Instructions  How do I tune this dumb thing up? (offsite link to NHRC)

VHF Realignment:
. VHF Multiplier Exciter Alignment  (updated and corrected for those who are using a VOM)
. VHF PLL Exciter Alignment   (in pdf, 12 pages)
. VHF Receiver Alignment

UHF Realignment:
. UHF Exciter Alignment    (Silver handle high-band exciter model.)
. UHF Receiver Alignment

Complete Alignment of the Brown Handled UHF unit:
. Brown Handled UHF Unit   (offsite link to NHRC)

Additional Information:
. Elimination of spurious emissions:   (in early MASTR II PA decks)

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