With the info below you should be able to crack any numbers listed on an eBay auction. Just use the Ctrl-F search function of your browser and type in the root number (for example, type in 424888 for 19D424888G14, then when you find it look for the G14).

Cracking a MASTR II UHF Amplifier Chassis Number
Package Power Amplifier
Frequency Heat Sink
Standard 19D424888G14 406-420 19B219688G7
Standard 19D424888G15 450-470 19B219688G7
Standard 19D424888G16 470-494 19B219688G7
Standard 19D424888G17 494-512 19B219688G7
Standard 19D424888G37 420-450 19B219688G7
System 19D424888G31 406-420 19B219688G19
System 19D424888G32 450-470 19B219688G19
System 19D424888G33 470-494 19B219688G19
System 19D424888G34 494-512 19B219688G19
System 19D424888G38 420-450 19B219688G19

Package 40 Watt Module 100 Watt Module Filter Module Frequency
Standard 19C321475G5 19D423006G5 19C327024G3 406-420
Standard 19C321475G6 19D423006G6 19C327024G4 450-470
Standard 19C321475G7 19D423006G7 19C327024G4 470-494
Standard 19C321475G8 19D423006G8 19C327024G4 494-512
Standard 19C321475G9 19D423006G5 19C327024G3 420-450
System 19C321475G5 19D423006G5 19C327024G3 406-420
System 19C321475G6 19D423006G6 19C327024G4 450-470
System 19C321475G7 19D423006G7 19C327024G4 470-494
System 19C321475G8 19D423006G8 19C327024G4 494-512
System 19C321475G9 19D423006G5 19C327024G3 420-450