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  MASTR III Stations
External Repeater
Controller Interface

Submitted by Matt Krick K3MK
FluX Research
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The information herein was originally provided by WA1ZMS and NØNDP.


All necessary I/O signals can be found on the back-plane interface connectors as follows:

P51+12V DC
P54DC Ground
P59Receiver Audio Low
P510 Receiver Volume/Squelch High (raw discriminator audio, NOT de-emphasized)
P517 CAS (Carrier Active Squelch, active HIGH) (i.e. COR)
P520 RUS (Receiver UnSquelched, active HIGH) (i.e. CTCSS & COR)
P28Transmit Audio High
P29Transmit Audio Low
P214Transmit PTT (active LOW)

The pin assignments for P5 are shown below.

The pin assignments for P2 are shown below.

On the T/R Interface board, set jumper J104 to short pins 2 and 3 and set jumper J105 to short pins 2 and 3. See the image below for their locations.


Use the standard MASTR III programming software to set the following fields:

Align and tune the RF portion of the station as described in the installation/tuning instruction manual. de WA1ZMS Oct 1999.

Updated with service manual excerpts of P2, P5 and J104/105 added by NØNDP Dec 2005.

Acknowledgements and Credits:

The submitter takes no responsibility for any damage during the modification or for any wrong information made on this modification. Your results may vary.

Commercial use of this bulletin is not authorized without express written permission of the submitter.

Furthermore, this work is specifically prohibited from being posted to www.mods.dk or any other 'limited free site'. Please ask for permission before posting elsewhere.

Contact Information:

The submitter can be contacted at DCFluX [ at ] yahoo [ dot ] com.

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This page first posted 19-Jul-2008

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