Thoughts on converting a
MASTR III mobile
to amateur frequencies

You ask for info on the MASTR III, here is some info I found while trying to change a donated M3 to two meters.

The High Band M3 has two band splits that butt-up EXACTLY at around 150.8 MHz (not sure of exact freq.). Upon studying the manuals we discovered that at that point the injection changes from high side to low side. (I think the software controls this.)

The VCO can be changed some to get lock, but the IF module does not receive due to it not getting the injection frequency in its range.

The modules are Group 1, and 2, and don't seem to be very "hackable". What's more they ring in at $500.00 or more, EACH.

The transmit exciter module deems to be happy in the two meter band though.

73 de Paul, N2XZF.


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