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RF Module
Band Decoder

by Matt Krick K3MK
FluX Research
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This RF module list applies to GE/MACOM MASTR-III Repeater and Base stations, Combination Number SXS.

Module #
Ends With
Receiver Front End
Designed Frequency Range
Transmitter Synthesizer
Designed Frequency Range
G1136 MHz - 151 MHz136 MHz - 174 MHz
G2150.8 MHz - 174 MHz(Uses G1)
G3450 MHz - 470 MHz450 MHz - 470 MHz
G4450 MHz - 470 MHz (ETSI)(Uses G3)
G5851 MHz - 870 MHz851 MHz - 870 MHz
G6403 MHz - 425 MHz403 MHz - 430 MHz
G7425 MHz - 450 MHz425 MHz - 450 MHz
G8380 MHz - 400 MHz380 MHz - 400 MHz
G9470 MHz - 494 MHz470 MHz - 494 MHz
G10492 MHz - 512 MHz492 MHz - 512 MHz
G11410 MHz - 430 MHz(Uses G6)
G12370 MHz - 390 MHzUnknown (Possibly Uses G8)

NOTE: ETSI stands for Europe Technical Standards Institute.

The following range information was extracted from a MASTR III Stations Parts and Accessory Guide dated June 2006. Frequencies are in MHz. 'V' designations are for newer modules with 'Racing Stripes' indicating that they are advanced digital voice compliant (P25 Ready).

Mod #Mod #RX F. E. RX SynthTX SynthPwr. Amp.
G1V1136-151 136-151136-174 
G2V2150.8-174 150.8-174151-174 
G3  403-470 450-570450-470
G4 450-470    
G5 806-861806-861 806-861806-870
G6    403-425403-420
G7 425-450425-450 425-450425-450
G8 380-400380-400 380-400380-400
G9 470-494  470-494470-490
G10 492-512380-400 492-512492-510
G11 403-430   410-430
G12 370-390370-390   
G20     136-150.8
G21     150.8-174
 V5 800 MHz 800 MHz 
 V11 370-400 378-439136-154
 V12 400-430 425-470150-174
 V12 450-470   
 V13 425-450 470-512 
 V13 470-512   
 V21    378-450
 V22    440-512

Acknowledgements and Credits:

This article was originally posted as FluX Research Technical Bulletin FXR-09, revised 01-Apr-2008.

Legal notice - All the material in this article is Copyright 2008 Matt Krick, K3MK. All Rights Reserved.

The author takes no responsibility for any damage during the modification or for any wrong information made on this modification. Your results may vary.

Commercial use of this bulletin is not authorized without express written permission of the author.

Furthermore, this work is specifically prohibited from being posted to www.mods.dk or any other 'limited free site'. Please ask for permission before posting elsewhere.

Contact Information:

The author can be contacted at DCFluX [ at ] yahoo [ dot ] com.

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