Tuning Instructions for GE Custom MVP UHF Exciter
By Kevin Custer  W3KKC

Preliminary checks and adjustments;

1. Preset all coil slugs to the top of their forms.
2. All adjustments are with PTT keyed.
3. Crystal Frequency = Operating frequency / 36 (i.e. 444.900 MHz =  12.358333 MHz XTAL)
4. Oscillator Measurements are made via black meter plug on exciter, connect negative lead of volt meter to ground.
5. Power Measurements are made with a Watt Meter connected to antenna jack with 50 ohm load.
Step Test Point Tuning Control Meter Reading Procedure
1 Pin 2 (Mult-1) L101, L102 See Procedure Tune L101 then L102 for Maximum meter reading
2 Pin 2 (Mult-1) L102 See Procedure Adjust L102 1/8 of a turn counter clockwise 
3 Pin 1 (Mult-2) T102, T101 & T103 See Procedure Tune T102 then T101 for Maximum meter reading, Tune T103 for a dip in the reading
4 Pin 3 (Mult-3) T104, T103 & T105  See Procedure Tune T104 then T103 for Maximum meter reading, Tune T105 for a dip in the reading
5 Pin 9 (Ampl-1) T106 & T105 Maximum Tune T106 then T105 for Maximum meter reading
6 Pin 6 (Power Out) T107 & T108 Maximum Tune T107 then T108 for Maximum meter reading, Twice
7 Watt Meter T107 & T108 Maximum  Tune T107 then T107 for Maximum meter reading
8 Watt Meter R8 on Power Block 30 - 35 Watts Adjust R8 for 30 watts or desired power output level
9 Service Monitor or Frequency Counter F1 on Channel element (ICOM) On frequency Adjust F1 until carrier output is on desired frequency

Tuning locations for Custom MVP VHF exciter.

Original concept and picture by Matt Krick K3MK
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