Jimmy Hatlo was a sports cartoonist at a San Francisco newspaper when he started his "They'll Do It Every Time" cartoon strip.   The first appearance was in 1929 as an emergency filler after the regular cartoon didn't show up.   Every day he did a one-panel commentary on some part of life - politics, automobiles, in-laws, restaurants, nothing was sacred.   Sunday's cartoon was in color and four times the space, but still one panel, and the additional room gave him space to include more characters.

Here is Hatlo's only known strip on the topic of ham radio - I received it in email from a friend who isn't into ham radio but thought I'd appreciate it.

More information on Jimmy Hatlo and the strip is available here.   That page says that Jimmy Hatlo died in 1963; and his assistant, Bob Dunn, took over the operation until he passed away in 1989. The strip is still in existence today, run by Al Scaduto.

Since the cartoon below has Hatlo's sig (in the lower left hand corner), it has to be a pre-Bob Dunn cartoon.   Based on the date note (the "8-3" above the sig) it probably appeared in the newspapers on a Sunday that was on an August third.

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