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  You know you are a radio nut when....
By Author Unknown
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Date: Wed, 07 Jun 2000 13:44:26 -0700
From: (deleted)
To: (47 ham calls deleted)
Subject: Re: You know you are a radio nut when....

(deleted) wrote:

Top 30: You Can Tell You're A Radio Nut when...

1. You remember the exact date and time that lightning hit "the tower". The 
whole radio room was burned to a crisp, but you tell friends, "at least my 
wife wasn't home when it happened."

2. You'll spend hundreds of dollars on a new rig, and then wander the
hamfest pausing each time you pass the booth selling those $7 embroidered
callsign hats thinking "I wonder if they'll take $6?"

3. You're a CBer who buys a new $300 five-watt, perfectly operating rig,
opens the cabinet to "tweak" it to 20 watts, knowing full well it'll end up
being sent back to the company for repair. The radio comes back, and a few
weeks later you repeat the process - by watching your CBer friend from
across town do surgery on your radio.

4. When shopping for a new vehicle the first think you look for is space 
to mount the radios - you end up sitting in the front seat staring blankly 
at the dashboard area, feeling underneath seats, and poking around the 
backseat for ways to route the coax. If caught looking under the hood for 
holes in the firewall for your power cables, you tell your wife, "Nothing 
honey, just checking things under here."

5. Your family has a special annual garage sale just to get rid of the
boxes of wire, coax, and power adapters-but you pay your friends to "buy"
the stuff and get them to quietly return it to you the following weekend.

6. You absolutely need a radio with thousands of channels - even though 
you live in a town with three cops and a volunteer fire department and 
the airport is 350 miles away.

7. In your determination to get that new vertical antenna up, or longwire
strung in the backyard, you tell family and neighbors that "it's only
temporary - I'm testing it for this guy."

8. The $10 bargain you got at the fleamarket that smoked up the whole house
when you turned it on is one of your prized possessions.

9. You'd rather sell your family's TV and VCR than give up the box of
vacuum tubes you got at a "bargain" even though 90% of them are dead.

10. It still doesn't matter to you if the antique radio you brought home
was an apartment for mice.

11. You're not speaking to your elderly neighbor because last week just as
you tuned Radio Kiribati, he turned on his power drill.

12. Your wife has called you three times for dinner - then she calls you 
on the repeater.

13. You're the only one in your family that understands the real meaning of
CW. And you get stressed out if someone's CW transmission rate varies from
one to 75wpm with no warning.

14. When going on vacation, the first thing you think about packing is your
handhelds, chargers, scanner and frequency book.

15. You take your scanner to work disguised as a cell phone.

16. You acknowledge conversations with your family and friends by saying 
10-4 - and they think it's normal.

17. The total number of radio related books in your home are five times the
total number of all other books and magazines.

18. You store extra "emergency" AA batteries in the refrigerator.

19. You're immediately recognized and spoken to by name at your favorite radio dealers.

20. You think a good time is "breaking in" a new part-time Radio Shack
employee with your radio wisdom.

21. Your spouse goes to the supermarket while you "look around" in Radio Shack.

22. You visually check your outdoor antennas and coax once a week, regardless 
of the weather.

23. People ask you to turn down the volume on the radios when they call you.

24. The total number of antennas on your house is greater than six other
houses on your block-counting the ham down the street.

25. You've considered contacting NOAA offering your voice as a substitute
for that awful sounding mechanical computer-generated voice.

26. People keep asking your family about the "light that's always on" in
the back room where your radio shack is located.

27. More than 95% of the photos in your family album show you with a radio
strapped to your belt or a microphone in your hand.

28. You have more certificates and licenses on the wall than your local
veterinarian or dentist.

29. Your cat or dog instinctively knows not to bother you when you're 
in your radio shack.

30. All the local cops know your vehicle on sight - "it's the blue 
Crown Vic with six antennas".

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