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  The CW dog...
By (Anonymous)
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Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2007 00:14:22 -0600
Subject: FW: A story only a ham would love

During a recent Saturday afternoon drive around Greene County I happened
down a back road near the 'Coon River.  I saw a sign in front of a broken
down aging farmhouse that read, "Talking Dog for Sale."

Well, that made me curious so I stopped to see what the deal was. In the
yard there is a nice looking Labrador retriever sitting.

"You talk?" I asked.

"Yep," the Lab replies.

Well  after I got over the shock of hearing a dog talk, I asked "So, what's
your story?"

"Ah shucks there ain't much to tell. Is that a screwdriver antenna on your
truck out there?"

"How did you know that," I asked?

The Lab looks up and says, "Well, I'm  a ham radio operator. I got my
ticket when I was a  young pup.  In no time at all I had my 5-band
DXCC in Phone and CW. The CIA heard about me and asked me  to do
spy work for them. I would hang around  the communications centers and
with my keen hearing could copy the transmissions.  Because no one
figured a dog would be eavesdropping, I was one of their most valuable
spies for eight years. Copying high speed CW all  day really tired me
and I knew I wasn't getting  any younger.  So, I decided to settle
down.  I retired  from the CIA (8 dog years is 56 CIA years) and joined
a ham radio club. In fact I won first place in the Iowa QSO Party
two years in a row.  Then I had a mess of puppies and got away from Ham
Radio for a while. I sure miss my radio. Why don't you buy me and I'll
be your CW operator in the next DX 'test.."

I said "let me see what I can do."

I went back in and asked the owner what he wanted for the dog.

"Ten dollars," the old farmer says.

"Ten dollars?  This dog is amazing!  Why on earth are you selling him so

"Because he's a liar. He never did any of  that stuff.  He's just a No Code

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