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Fixing the crackle in the Icom IC-2100
By Author Unknown

Perform this mod at your own risk. This will probably void your Icom warranty.

After you own this radio for a while it will develope a crackling sound in the speaker on transmit. The same noise will be heard on your transmitted signal.

Here is the fix:
  1. Remove the four screws that holds the cover on. You will see a bunch of 3mm screws that hold down the main board to the case.

  2. Loosen all the screws and then re-tighten them. The noise will go away.

  3. The permanent fix is to put #4 star washers under each screw.

  4. As long as you have the radio open, with the display facing you, you will see two holes on the left side of the circuit board. Place a #4 self tapping sheet metal screw (3/8 inch long) in each hole. Not only will this make the above microphonic noise go away, it will improve your quality of modulation. People will notice if you have been working them for a while.

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