Tracking down the Blue Knob Jammer
By Kevin Custer  W3KKC

Here is a copy of the letter I submitted to the FCC and Riley Hollingsworth after catching the repeater jammer, N3HFB in April of 2005.

Subject:   Willful/Malicious Interference of the Blue Knob Amateur Repeater on 147.150 plus 600 kHz.
From:   Kevin Custer <email address deleted>
Date:   Sat, 23 Apr 2005 23:28:28 -0400
To:   undisclosed recipients

April 23, 2005
Kevin K. Custer  W3KKC
<address deleted>
<telephone number deleted>

Dear Sirs,

This letter is a formal complaint of willful and or malicious interference to the Blue Knob Amateur Radio Repeater, operating on the frequency of 147.150 MHz, input plus 600 kHz, KB3KWD.

During the last 6 months the Blue Knob Repeater Association and its membership have been plagued with interference in the form of consistent kerchunking and vocal announcements from an unidentified source on a near daily basis, continuing throughout most of the day.  It was determined early on that the interference was not related to an ill operating repeater, as the signals could be heard on the repeater input frequency of 147.750 megahertz, many miles from the repeater site.

In attempting to understand the mentality and not wanting to provoke the offender, I studied and worked endless hours trying to see what made the offender "tick".  I found that I could make the offender "go off" by trying to talk to him, address him, call him names, and generally act like the events were making me furious.  In many attempts to locate a general area where the offender was located, he became smart and would quit.

Several other Amateur operators verified the interference was emanating from Northern Cambria County or the surrounding area of Cherry Tree Pennsylvania.  Many times, all I had to go on was occasional clicking of the microphone button.  In the morning hours of April 20, 2005 I was able to make the offender talk to me in a disguised voice for a lengthy period of time.  From this, a very good idea of the location of the offender was determined.

All of these events concluded on April 21, 2005 at 11:00 am when I finally verified the offender and confronted him with assistance from another ham operator, Scott Zimmerman N3XCC who helped me throughout the entire time.

During the confrontation, I ask the offender, Mr. Anthony L. "Tony" Basile, N3HFB located at 2242 Spruce Road, Cherry Tree, Pennsylvania 15724, if he was the one creating the interference and he admitted to both Scott Zimmerman and I that he was.  Since I am the present owner of the equipment being utilized for the Blue Knob repeater on 147.150 plus, I ask him what he had against me or the BK Repeater Association, and he stated that he had nothing against me or the Association personally.  It should also be noted that Mr. Basile's wife, Maxine, also a ham - KB3AQF, is also being named in this complaint.  While I don't believe Maxine was the main offender, she most certainly was home during several of our 'tests' and certainly knew what was going on.

I request that some action be taken against Mr. Basile as I understand this isn't his first offense in the realm of interference of the Amateur Radio service.
I also request that a letter be sent to Mrs. Basile as I believe she knew of the interference her husband was causing.

I apologize that I didn't tape record any of the offense of Mr. Basile, but since he has admitted to causing the interference, I believe it to be a moot point.
If you need any further information on the procedures or equipment used to locate the offender, just email me back.  I could have written a book on the efforts in finding the offender, but I decided to spare the things I felt unnecessary in this initial complaint.

Respectfully Submitted,
Kevin K. Custer  W3KKC
email   (deleted)


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