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Kenwood TM‑V7A / TM‑G707A programming information Print this Page

You can download the software for it from Kenwood using these directions (from an email from Kenwood):

Dear Kenwood Customer:

Thank you for your e-mail. 

You may download the TM-G707A or TM-V7A programmimg software from our web page:
1) Go to 
2) Click on Amateur Radio 
3) Click on Downloads 
4) Click on MCP-RCP Software 
5) Click on TM-G707A (download MCP-G707) or click on TM-V7A (download MCP-V7)

Information on how to program your TM-G707A or TM-V7 from your PC:
The optional programming cable is a PG-4S, you will probably need an adapter 
to go from a DB25 to a DB9. Try the Radio Shack # 26-269. 

If you get a request for a username, and password use a different browse other 
than Netscape Communicator, or Navigator try Internet Explorer. There is NO 
requirement for a password or user name to access the software on our web 

You will need to use the COM1 or COM2 on your PC, and NOTHING CAN SHARE THAT 
PORT (example mouse) Again nothing can share those ports need for programming. 
If you have any errors, or time out messages, these are normally due to your 
PC settings, and not the radio.

PC Settings: 
1. Click on Start 
2. Click on Settings 
3. Click on Control Panel 
4. Click on Systems 
5. Click on Hardware 
6. Click on Device Manager 
7. Click on Ports (COM and LPT) 
8. Click on Communications Port (Com 1) 
9. Click on Port Settings 

Now set as follows: 
Bits Per Second: 9600 
Data Bits: 8 
Parity: NONE 
Stop Bits: 1 
Flow Control: Xon/Xoff 

If you need further assistance, please e-mail us again. 
Sincerely, Kenwood Amateur Radio Customer Support 
The files you actually receive from that download are Mg70710.exe (TM-G707) and Mv7110.exe (TM-V7A).
Local copies are here (in zip format): and

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