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I know nothing about this equipment so please don't ask!

Kyodo is a Japanese radio manufacturer. Their equipment seems to go by several names: Kyodo West, Nokia, BSR, Midland, Sawtron, and probably others we never heard of. They supplied equipment to other OEMs and are in use in America and overseas. Most of the documentation is old, faded, and rather crude, but it's all we have. If anyone has more information, please contact the page maintainer listed at the top of this page.

KG110 VHF Operation and Service Manual   7.7 MB PDF
KG110 UHF Service Manual   6.6 MB PDF
BSR-230 220 MHz Service Manual   4.2 MB PDF
BSR Filter Modification   6.6 MB PDF by Rich N1OZ
Convert 220 MHz receivers from narrow-band (2.5 kHz) to wide-band (5.0 kHz).
BSR EPROM Generation Program   31 kB ZIP by Jim N5MIJ

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