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A Morse code IDer for the MICOR / MSR / MSY repeater shelf using the Com-Spec ID-8
By Jerry Matthews WAØUZI
HTML'd by Mike Morris WA6ILQ
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Here is my latest project - a CW IDer for a Motorola repeater control shelf using the Com-Spec ID-8 Morse code identifier module.   I stripped an extra card that had a double-wide metal face (a Line Driver card) and as per the ID-8 directions mounted the keypad on the front and plugged the ID-8 circuit board onto the keypad from the rear.   The small IC on the Radio-Shack perfboard is a simple op-amp audio buffer amplifier that was required to get enough audio to drive the MICOR transmitter.   There is a screwdriver-adjust level setting pot on the original line driver card that was reused to allow setting the IDer level.

The photos below show the resulting ID8 card mounted in my MICOR repeater.

Nothing fancy but it's functional...


Note from WA6ILQ:
Jerry's schematic is the first clickable link below.
The control shelves are very similar between the MICOR and MSR2000 repeaters and the hookup should be identical (verify the pinout of the MICOR and MSR2000 line driver cards).   The MSY series (Motrac / Motran era) station control shelves are an earlier generation but still similar.   And there is no reason that the ID-8 could not be used in a GE MASTR II, Icom, Kenwood, Yaesu, or any other repeater.

Here's more info:

The photos below are pretty much self explanatory:

The box on the left with the speaker and meter is an optional test set. It can be mounted on the front of the card cage (as shown) or on the inside of the cabinet door.

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