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  MICOR® Mobile Receiver Antenna Connection
By Kevin Custer W3KKC
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Concept:  To provide a quality means of supporting the added receiver antenna connection when using a converted mobile as a repeater, or when running a duplexed UHF MICOR mobile.

Description: By removing the lock mechanism and drilling and tapping screw holes, a quality interface can be provided for the addition of the receiver antenna port connection.

Benefit:  Although a bit harder than adding a simple BNC to the front, the method presented here will provide a very stable and good looking interface port for the receiver antenna connection.

Modification:  Using the images below, machine the front casting to accept the connector of your choice.  Drill the front casting with a bit of the same size as the original connector hole, or as close as possible, smaller is not good,  but a little bigger is ok.  Be sure to use RG-142 or RG-400 for the new receiver connection and a "hood" for the chassis connector to create a totally shielded connection.

Realize that this modification removes the lock and therefore the handle will not latch closed as it did before.  The handle can be drilled (countersunk if you desire) and a cap screw inserted to hold the handle closed.  If security is an issue, use a non standard screw head.

An SO-239 connector

Drilled and tapped for the mounting screws

The new connector mounted in place. Be sure and use a full coverage hood and double-shielded coax.

An N connector is preferred at UHF.
Note the square-head recessed screw to hold the handle closed.

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