Modification of the MICOR® Mobile Antenna Switch model TLN4295A
All models except UHF

By Kevin K. Custer  W3KKC

Jumper antenna switch to allow transmitter amplifier to be connected directly to antenna jack in mobile MICOR's converted to repeater station.

The unmodified antenna switch poses a potential for failure, and is not needed in units that are converted for repeater service.

Retain the convenience of original antenna connector, and provide reliability.

Remove the screws securing the antenna switch to transmitter chassis. Unplug the wire from the power control board from the antenna switch. minding which socket it was in. Unplug and discard wires going to electromagnet coil. Pull clip holding the electromagnet coil assembly, discard electromagnet.

Drill out the rivet holding the two sides of the switch together. Remove the two glass reed switches and permanate magnet. Jumper the transmit connector, marked with a "T" on the one side of the switch casting near the phono connector, to the antenna connector with an insulated wire of correct length. Leave the other connector unconnected.

Reassemble the antenna switch using a "self tapping screw" of correct size. Plug wire from amplifier output (power control board) back into the transmit connector. Reinstall the jumped antenna switch.

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