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  Genesis Series Battery Chargers
By Mike Morris WA6ILQ
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This page is a work in progress... If anyone would like to contribute additional information please feel free to do so - contact the author.

The Motorola Genesis line of hand-held radios includes the HT600, HT600E, HT800, the MT1000, the MTX800, the MTX900, the MTX Classic and the P200 radios plus the matching accessories. All use the same batteries.

Only the NiCd and NiMH are rechargeable - never try and charge an alkaline pack.

If you have ANY of the rapid chargers listed below DO NOT charge a Nickel Metal Hydride pack until you have read this article and (if necessary) modified your charger.
If you drop an NiMH battery that was built with the wrong thermistor into any unmodified charger for even just one charge cycle you can overheat it to the point of permanently ruining it.

In the table below, "Regular" in the "Charging Rate" column indicates a slow-rate-only 16-hour charger.

Part Number Size Charging
Volts / Hz
NTN4633B/C [1] Standard Rapid 120/60 These three chargers are identical
except for which power transformer,
power cord and part number label
are used during assembly.
NTN4634B [1] Standard Rapid 220/50
NTN4921B [1] Standard Rapid 240/50
ELN1040B/C [1] Standard Rapid 240/50
Euro plug
These two chargers are identical
except for which power cord and
part number label are used during
ELN1041B/C [1] Standard Rapid 240/50
UK plug
NTN5538B [2] Standard Rapid 120/60 Identical to the NTN4633B/C series
above except for the color of the
plastic outer housing (black).
NTN5539B [2] Standard Rapid 220/50 or
NTN4635B Standard Regular 117/60  
NTN4636A Standard Regular 220/50 or
NTN4666B Compact Regular 117/60 These two chargers are identical
except for which wall transformer
is shipped with the charger base.
NTN4667A Compact Regular 220/50 or
NTN5540A [3] Compact Regular 117/60 These two chargers are identical
except for which wall transformer
is shipped with the charger base.
NTN5541A [3] Compact Regular 220/50 or
NTN4668A/B/C Multiple [4] Rapid 117/60 [4] Six battery pockets
NTN4922A/B/C Multiple [4] Rapid 220/50 or
240/50 [4]
1)There is an article on the Genesis index page on how to update any of the top five to the latest factory revision level. The only differences in the first five chargers above was the power transformer, the plug on the end of the power cord and the nameplate. The power transformers have a single primary winding and hence are not field convertible between mains voltages (i.e. 120v, 220v and 240v) without replacing the entire transformer.
2) These are, at the time of this writing, still in production. The only difference between the two part numbers is the primary winding of the internal transformer, the plug on the end of the power cord, and the label on the unit itself.
3) These are, at the time of this writing, still in production. See the article list below for PDFs on them.
4) The "Multiple", "gang" or "6-pack" rapid chargers have six pockets, one IEC style (computer style) detachable mains power cord, and are a totally different design that supports both ni-cad and ni-mh batteries. These units were most commonly seen in public safety (police/fire/ambulance) squad rooms or anywhere large numbers of batteries need to be charged at once. The early versions were a fixed voltage, the "middle" versions had a 120 / 240 selector switch, the later verions were made for 100-240v AC. The NLN7967 kit mounts a gang charger onto a wall, the NLN7968 kit mounts it in a 19 inch equipment rack. The service manual is part number 6881106C66-D and is a 1.97 MB PDF. The manual includes a list of 23 different battery model numbers that fit the HT600 / HT600E / MT1000, etc. radios. The same charger can be used on Jedi (HT1000, MT2000), Saber, and VISAR radios by changing the pocket plastic piece (no, it's one piece of plastic for all 6 pockets, you can't mix the pockets like you could with the HT200, HT220 and MT500).

The RTL4226B is a "battery eliminator" that is nothing but an empty short battery case with a fuse and a pair of banana jacks. It is designed to allow operating a radio from an external DC source in a test/repair bench environment. I have seen one that had an "edgewise" DC current meter cut into the case. You can make your own from a 15C80373B77 empty short-case battery housing, and a fuse holder. Some Genesis radios are 12 volts, some are 10 volts. Adding an appropriate 10v or 12v regulator chip is a nice improvement and may save your radio if you slip up sometime and hook it up to a too-high-voltage bench supply.

The RLN4265A is a "battery eliminator" with a curly cord (like a microphone cord) that has a cigarette lighter plug at the end.

To be added: (contributions of information are welcome!)
Color information on the outer plastic cases and the escutcheons for the top six chargers above - i.e. part numbers for "shadow bronze" (Moto marketing's name for the stock HT600 color), grey, blue-grey, charcoal and black charger housings and replacement nameplates so that people that want to renew the appearances of their chargers know what parts to order...

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