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  Genesis Series Batteries
By Mike Morris WA6ILQ
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This page is a work in progress... If anyone would like to contribute additional information please feel free to do so - contact the author.

The Motorola Genesis line of hand-held radios includes the HT600, HT600E, HT800, the MT1000, the MTX800, the MTX900, the MTX Classic and the P200 radios plus the matching accessories. All use the same batteries.

The various batteries that work with HT600, HT800, and MT1000 radios all have the same terminals: two on top that fit the bottom of the radio, and four on the back that mate with contacts in the base of the charger. The following is a generic schematic of the battery used in the HT600 radio: (Scan courtesy of G7HID)

The "Sense Resistor" controls the charging and trickle current controls in the charger. Typical values are between 3 and 6K ohms.

The chemistry of a battery pack as a distinct effect on the voltage produced. Nickel-Cadmium (NiCd) batteries deliver 1.2V per cell when fully charged, Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) deliver 1.25V per cell. Each Genesis battery pack uses 8 cells to produce 9.6V from the NiCds and 10V from the NiMHs. The alkaline cells produce 1.5V each so 7 cells yield 10.5V.

Read the note in the charger section before you charge any Nickel Metal Hydride battery pack.

The Genesis series never had a Motorola-provided pen-lite cell pack (also called a "clamshell") however a couple of third parties made them. NiCd, NiMH and alkaline packs are available from Moto and also from several aftermarket battery suppliers. All Genesis packs (NiCd, NiMH and alkaline) are sealed and once dead are intended to be disposed of (i.e. they aren't intended to have the cells replaced like in an Icom BP-series battery). I suppose you could cut them open with a Dremel™ rotary saw...

There may be other batteries that work in the Genesis radios, but these are what was in the literature at hand when I compiled this list. If anybody wants to contribute other numbers/sources please do so.

Part Number
(Alphanumeric Sequence)
See Note 2
Chemistry Notes Color
See Note 3
60‑60930L10 Equivalent to NTN4868
60‑60930L12 Equivalent to NTN4869
60‑60930L32 Equivalent to NTN5447
HTN5447B One catalog gives this number, but I think it's a typo on NTN5447B
NTN4564B 550 2 7/16 IS NiCd    
NTN4584BR 630 2 7/16 ? NiCd Original equipment with 2w HT600s  
NTN4585, 4585A 1200 ? ? NiCd   Black
NTN4588A 1200 ? ? NiCd    
NTN4822BR 630 2 7/16 NI NiCd Original equipment MT1000 "Medium Capacity" battery. See note 1  
NTN4823B, NTN4823BR 550 2 7/16 IS and NI NiCd    
NTN4824A 1200 3 ? NiCd See note 1  
NTN4825A 550 2 7/16 IS NiCd Original equipment MT1000 "Medium Capacity" battery for FM "Intrinsically Safe" applications.
Standard Charge Only
NTN4868A 630 2 7/16 ? NiCd Standard Charge Only  
NTN4869A, 4869B A=1200,
2 7/16 ? NiCd Standard Charge Only  
NTN5161A 630 3 5/16 CSA NiCd    
NTN5414, 5414A, 5414B, 5414BR 1100 3 3/8 NI NiCd Original equipment with 4w/5w HT600s.
See note 1
Shadow Bronze
NTN5415B 1000 3 5/16 IS NiCd    
NTN5447, 5447B, 5447BR, 5447C 1100 3 3/8 NI NiCd Original equipment MT1000 "High Capacity" battery. This model number is also available as high as 1950 in NiMH.
See note 1
NTN5448B, 5448BR 1000/1100 3 5/16 IS and NI NiCd See note 1  
NTN5521, 5521A, 5521B 1100, 1200 3 5/16   NiCd See note 1 Shadow Bronze, Black
NTN5531B 630 2 7/8   NiCD See note 1 Black
NTN5545B 1000 2 7/8 IS NiCD See note 1 Black
NTN7015A 950/1200 2 7/16 (NA) NiMH Later batteries had the larger cells Shadow Bronze
NTN7016A 950 2 7/16 (NA) NiMH    
NTN7046AR 1100 3 5/16 MSHA NiCd Original equipment MT1000 "Medium Capacity" battery for MSHA applications.  
NTN4870A 2100 3 5/16 (NA) Alkaline    
NTN5070A ? 3 5/16 (NA) Alkaline    
Note 1: Some aftermarket batteries use undersized or oversized cells, or use NiMH, so look at the specifications and communicate with the seller before you buy.
Some NiMH cells may REQUIRE a mod to your charger or you will ruin them very quickly.
Note 2: "FM"="Fire Mutual". "MSHA"="Mine Safety Health Administration". Both are insurance industry ratings, and can be significant in some uses, like mines, refineries, or other areas with explosive atmospheres.
Note 3: Colors include "Shadow Bronze", "Charcoal" and black.

To be added: (contributions of information are welcome!)
Scan of the Moto Battery tester unit data sheet (with schematic)
Part number for the empty long battery case.
Contact information for a (AA Penlight pack) clamshell vendor

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