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Motorola GM300 Squelch Modification
By Barry Sloan, VE6SBS, Alberta, Canada

Top Side
of Radio

Front is
to the Left

1.0 fd 50V capacitor C76
(circled in red)
to eliminate delayed squelch during reception of weak signals.

Motorola GM300 radios start adding delay to the squelch drop out time as received signal strength becomes less. Normally this is desirable to prevent squelch chatter when receiving weak signals.
For link radio use however, as little squelch delay as possible is desired. To remove the squelch delay feature, in the GM300 radio, remove C76 (circled in red in above photo).

Photos, text and layout between the two sets of double lines is Copyright © 2001 Barry Sloan VE6SBS

Comment by WA6ILQ: If you look carefully in the above photo you will see that Barry simply lifted the positive side of the cap. You could simply put a SPST switch in series with either lead of the cap, then mount it to the front or side panel of the radio and label it "Normal Squelch" and "Fast Squelch".

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