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Identifying the Five Most
Common Radius Series Mobile
Radios on Sight

By Bob DeMattia K1IW
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These are the five most common Radius Series radios you will see. All are similar in appearance, but there are differences. There is also a Maxtrac series which look similar to the older Radius models, except they say "Maxtrac" on the front of them instead of "Radius". These Maxtracs are the same electronics with different firmware. The older Maxtracs and older Radius units also have a five-pin accessory connector below the antenna jack on the rear, as shown below:
Maxtrac with 5-pin accesory connector

The newer ones have a sixteen-pin accessory connector in the same place, as shown below:
Maxtrac with 16-pin accesory connector

This is the older 2-channel radio - note the channel and monitor buttons are square and on the left side of the LEDs

This is the older 8-channel radio - the channel up and down are on the left side of the LEDs and the arrows are printed above and below the buttons. The third LED on the top should not be labelled priority.

This is the older 16-channel radio - similar to the M208, but the third LED is now the "priority" indicator

This is the newer 2-channel radio. The channel and monitor buttons are round and are on the right side of the LEDs

This is the newer 8 or 16 channel radio. The up and down arrows are printed right on the channel select buttons. On the 16-channel version, there is additional silk-screen labelling on the right side of the LED digits. The 8-channel radio will be blank here.

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