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  The MSF5000 and PURC5000
Product Service Bulletin (PSB)
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This page contains Product Service Bulletins issued in the 1988-1998 time period for MSF5000 and PURC5000 products. There were also some trunking-only PSBs that had rather convoluted tables in them, which weren't converted to PDF files. Click on the appropriate PSB# to view the relevant information. As the MSF5000 and PURC5000 product lines are discontinued and parts and manuals are No Longer Available (NLA), you can't exchange any modules under warranty at this point. References to people and phone numbers are most likely unreliable.

PSB #Description, Title, or Subject
PSB659 Connect Tone Decoders for all 900 MHz Trunked Repeaters
PSB660 Uniboard Changeout for Audio Hole problem
PSB663 800 MHz Trunking System Access Time and Audio Level
PSB678 MSF5000 Digital Capable Software Upgrade
PSB679 Digital Capable MSF5000 Secure Board Software Problem
PSB687 MSF5000 Digital Capable Station Options
PSB697 AC Line Fuse Blowing
PSB706 Programming Guide for Transparent MSF5000 Line Code Detect Falsing Problems
PSB718 Various Digital MSF5000 Issues, mainly firmware-related
PSB720 MSF5000/PURC 900 MHz Power Amplifiers Becoming Spurious
PSB723 MSF5000 Image and Injection filters: degrading receiver sensitivity (whiskers)
PSB724 MSF5000 Noise on Transmitted Carrier
PSB726 Distortion of Transmit Audio in MSF Stations
PSB729 Various Firmware Issues on the MSF Series Radios
PSB730 900 MHz MSF5000 Audio Issues and Special Alignment
PSB731 Decreased PL Detect Times
PSB733 Trunked Tone Remote Control TDATA Distortion
PSB736 MSF Stations Failing SINAD Sensitivity Specs
PSB739 VCO Whisker Corrosion Problem
PSB746 MSF5000 High Frequency Oscillation on Line Drivers
PSB749 MSF5000 800 MHz Synthesizer Lock Failures
PSB828 Loss of range after system migration or firmware upgrade (trunking)
PSB828b Loss of range after system migration or firmware upgrade (trunking)
PSB835 Loss of range after system migration to MTR2000 (trunking)

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