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  A List of Field Replaceable Modules in the MTR2000
How to determine what you have
By Eric Lemmon WB6FLY
HTML'd by Mike Morris WA6ILQ
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To: Repeater-Builder
From: Eric Lemmon WB6FLY

The MTR2000 does not use the traditional Motorola numbering scheme 
(like C73RCB3106BT) to indicate the band and power level.  You have to 
decode a bunch of cryptic Field Replaceable Unit ("FRU") numbers in 
order to identify exactly what you really have, and these labels are 
not always visible!

Well, here you are... a "Rosetta Stone" list of FRUs.

The following list of FRUs (Field Replaceable Units) should be helpful 
in identifying the frequency range and power of an MTR2000 station:

CLN1201 or CLN1465 or TCN6273 - All stations, all bands.

CLN1211 or CLN1466 or TRD6431 - 132-174 MHz with internal preselector
CLN1212 or TRD6411 - 132-174 MHz without internal preslector
CLD1020 or TRX4013 - 335-405 MHz
CLN1213 or TRX4014 - 403-470 MHz with internal preselector
CLN1214 or CRX4004 - 403-470 MHz without internal preselector
CLN1215 or TRF6631 - 806-825 MHz
CLF1270 or TRF6632 - 896-915 MHz

CLN1216 - 132-154 MHz
CLN1217 - 150-174 MHz
CLN1218 - 403-433 MHz
CLN1219 - 433-470 MHz

CLN1233 or TTD6301 or CLD1200 - 132-174 MHz
CLD1030 or TTX4013 - 335-405 MHz
CLN1234 or TTX4014 or CLE1450 - 403-470 MHz
CLN1235 or TTF6521 - 850-870 MHz
CLF1280 or TTF6522 - 935-941 MHz

CLN1224 or TTD1791 - 132-154 MHz, 100 watt
CLN1225 or TTD1792 - 150-174 MHz, 100 watt
CLN1226 or TTD1781 - 132-174 MHz, 40 watt
CLN1227 or TTD1921 - 132-174 MHz, 30 watt
CLD1010 or TTX1003 - 335-405 MHz, 40 watt
CLN1228 or TTX1010 - 403-435 MHz, 100 watt
CLN1229 or TTX1020 - 435-470 MHz, 100 watt
CLN1230 or TTX1004 - 403-470 MHz, 40 watt
CLN1231 or TTX1054 - 403-470 MHz, 30 watt
CLN1232 or TTF1601 - 850-870 MHz, 75 watt
CLF1260 or TTF1602 - 935-941 MHz, 75 watt

CLN1207 - 132-146 MHz
CLN1208 - 144-160 MHz
CLN1209 - 158-174 MHz
CLN1210 - 403-470 MHz
CLN1279 - 850-870 MHz
CLF1290 - 935-941 MHz

CLN1206 or CLN6698

CLN1203 or TTN5067

CLN1220 - AC Input 500 watt, for 75 or 100 watt power amplifiers
CLN1221 - AC Input 250 watt, for 30 or 40 watt power amplifiers
CLN1222 - 28 VDC Input, 500 watt, for 75 or 100 watt power amplifiers
CLN1223 - 14 VDC Input, 250 watt, for 30 or 40 watt power amplifiers

Note: Both the low power and the high power AC-input supplies use 
switching technology, and operate on anything from 85 to 264 VAC, 
47 to 63 Hz, without any adjustment. 
All of the above information is from the main MTR manual, titled "MTR2000 Installation and Operation Manual", part number 6881096E20.

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