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Listing For Parts

Compiled by Robert W. Meister WA1MIK
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This information was scanned from a page in the front of a May 1976 publication titled:

Motorola Communications Division
Parts Department
Replacement Parts Price and Availability List

Additional information came from a 2005 Motorola Parts and Accessories catalog. Even more information came from a 2007 Motorola Price list.

01Miscellaneous Assemblies (Make or Buy)
02Nuts-All Types
03Screws and Bolts-All Types
04Washers-All Types
05Rivets, Eyelets and Grommets
06Carbon and all other type composition resistors
07Brackets, frames, supports, and similar formed parts
08Fixed paper capacitors (condensers) -All Types
09Sockets and receptacles, all types of female connectors
13MedaIIions, Escutcheons, Grilles, and Bezels
14Insulators, stamped or molded
15Housing, Cases and Covers (formed)
17Resistors, wire wound. (Fixed and adjustable)
18Resistors, variable (composition or wire wound)
19Capacitors (variable, adjustable, and fixed)
20Capacitors (variable)
21Capacitors (fixed)
22Cotter and groove pins
23Capacitors (Electrolytic)
24Coils, chokes, and transformers
25Transformers, chokes, and coils
26Shields (coil, transformer, and tube)
27Chassis bases and sub-bases
28Plugs (single and multiple), all types of male connectors
29Soldering and crimp lugs, single terminals
30Wire, Cable, Cords, shield loom, and braid
31Terminal strips, panels with terminals
32Gaskets, shims, and sealing parts
33Nameplates and Decals
34Dial scales
35Screens, Grille Cloths, and Baffles
36Control knobs and control levers
37Sleeving and loom
38Plug buttons and push buttons
39Contactors (wiping and finger) electrical
42CIamps, cIips, straps, bands, rings, and retainers
43Bushings, sleeves, flanges, hubs, balls, spacers, and inserts
45Cams, actuating levers, Iinks, arms, and slides
46Studs, stops, blocks, and mechanical plugs
47Shafts, rods, and bars
48Vibrators, rectifiers, crystals, and transistors
49Pulleys, wheels, discs, and drums
50Speakers, microphones, earphones, headsets, and handsets
51Res. Caps (Res., cap, combined integral units), ICs
53Batteries, headsets
54Paper labels, tags, and instruction cards
55Hinges, catches, locks, keys, and handles
56Cartons, bags, sacks, envelopes, and boxes (paper, plastic, or cloth)
57Microwave Equipment Assemblies
58Couplings, fittings, adaptors, plumbing, and waveguides
59Motors, magnets, and cartridges
60Batteries and bias cells
61Windows, lenses, and transparent crystals
64Plates and panels
65Fuses, pilot lights, lamps, and special electron tubes
66Tools (service and installation)
67Fuse Blocks
68Service Manuals and Operating Instruction Books, Sheets, Cards, and Manuals
69Service illustrations other than schematic diagrams
72Meters, clocks, and indicating devices (Electrical and Mechanical)
73Engineering Schematic Diagrams and Calibration Curves
74Coil Forms
75Cushions, Shock Mounts, Bumpers, Pads, Plastic and Rubber Feet
76Tuning cores and slugs
77Tuners (Purchased and make assemblies)
80Control Devices (Relays, Timers, Thermostats, and Thermocouples)
81Antenna Insertion Tools
82Firmware and Software License Keys
84Printed Circuit Panels
85Antennas-all types except loops
89Miscellaneous Headset Assemblies
90900 MHz Assemblies
91Filters (Ceramic, Crystal)
95Tubes, Receiving, Radio, TV, etc
97Tubes, Transmitting
98Carrying Cases, Manuals, CDs
99Miscellaneous Manuals and Service CDs

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