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  Quantar Field Replaceable Units
Compiled by Robert W. Meister WA1MIK
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Field Replaceable Units (FRUs) are available for each module within a QUANTAR station. The FRUs are totally enclosed and are complete with front panels. Listed below are the kit numbers for the various FRUs:

TLN3250VHF Range 1 Receiver
TLN3251VHF Range 2 Receiver
TLN3313UHF Range 1 Receiver
TLN3314UHF Range 2 Receiver
TLN3373UHF Range 3 Receiver
TLN3374UHF Range 4 Receiver
TLN3315800 MHz Receiver
TLN3316900 MHz Receiver

TLN3252VHF Range 1 Exciter
TLN3253VHF Range 2 Exciter
TLN3305UHF Range 1 Exciter
TLN3306UHF Range 2 Exciter
TLN3375UHF Range 3 Exciter
TLN3376UHF Range 4 Exciter
TLN3307800 MHz Exciter
TLN3308900 MHz Exciter

TLN3255VHF 25 Watt Ranges 1&2 Power Amplifier
TLN3379VHF 125 Watt Range 1 Power Amplifier
TLN3254VHF 125 Watt Range 2 Power Amplifier
TLN3443UHF 25 Watt Range 1 Power Amplifier
TLN3445UHF 25 Watt Range 2 Power Amplifier
TLN3444UHF 110 Watt Range 1 Power Amplifier
TLN3446UHF 110 Watt Range 2 Power Amplifier
TLN3448UHF 110 Watt Range 3 Power Amplifier
TLN3450UHF 100 Watt Range 4 Power Amplifier
TLN3441800 20 Watt Power Amplifier
TLN3442800 100 Watt Power Amplifier
TLN3299900 100 Watt Power Amplifier

TLN3259625 Watt AC Power Supply
TLN3260625 Watt AC Power Supply with Battery Revert
TLN3261265 Watt AC Power Supply
TLN3262265 Watt AC Power Supply with Battery Revert
TLN3263600 Watt 24 VDC Power Supply
TLN3264210 Watt 12/24 VDC Power Supply
TLN3377600 Watt 48 VDC Power Supply
TLN3378210 Watt 48/60 VDC Power Supply

For Stations operating with Control Board Number TTN4094 (EPIC Con/6809) or TRN7900 (EPIC IR) choose from the following Control Board FRUs:

TLN3397Conventional/6809 Trunking EPIC Station Control Module
TLN3398IntelliRepeater EPIC Station Control Module

For Stations operating with Control Board number CLN6961 (EPIC II Conv/6809) or CLN6960 (EPIC II IR) choose from the following Control Board FRUs:

CLN1293EPIC II Conventional/6809 Trunking Control Module
CLN1294EPIC II IntelliRepeater Control Module
CLN1621EPIC III Control Module
CLN1625EPIC III Control Module, 60W

For Stations operating with one of the following 4 or 8 wire wireline board numbers CLN6955 (4 wire) or CLN6956 (8 wire) choose from the following Wireline FRUs:

CLN12954 Wire Wireline II Module
CLN12968 Wire Wireline II Module

Miscellaneous FRUs:

TLN3265ASTRO Modem
CLN1185V.24 Wireline Interface
TLN3364Repeater Access Module
TLN3459UHSO Module
TLN3390Phone Interconnect Board Module

Most of the information in this article came from a Quantar Product Planner document.

Contact Information:

The author has no Quantar expertise. He just extracted the information and presented it here. He won't be of any help with any Quantar issues.

For errors corrections, or omissions, the author can be contacted at: his-callsign [ at ] comcast [ dot ] net, but he doesn't know anything about Quantars, so don't ask.

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