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  Why You'd Want To
Use LAB Software

By Author Unknown
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The following question popped up on a well-known web site. While this topic is primarily aimed at the MaxTrac radios and RSS packages, there are other product lines that suffer the same situation. LAB software does not exist for all models, and for those that did have it, there may not be a copy floating around "out there".

>Why is it that LAB software has to be used to blank
>the board but regular RSS has to be used to reprogram
>it? Or is that even true? I have looked at several
>authoritative web sites and can't seem to find a good
>answer. Can one of you please tell me why that is?
>Maybe it's time for a good "once-and-for-all" answer.

Here are some of the answers that were posted after the question.

Here's a summary of some of the reasons why you'd want to use LAB software and why you'd want to use regular RSS.

Benefits of LAB softwareBenefits of Regular RSS software
Lets you blank a board. Best reason. You can't do this with regular RSS.
Less restrictive on frequency ranges. More restrictive on frequency ranges.
Not much error checking. A lot of error checking.
Easy to end up with a bad configuration. Harder to end up doing something wrong.
Older and can be slower. More recent and usually faster.
Might not run on faster computers. Latest version is CPU speed-independent.
Probably doesn't support SHIFT-NUM. Latest version supports SHIFT-NUM.
Probably missing some newer models. Will have more model numbers.
Was never intended for the public. You could legally purchase this package.

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