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  A Reference List of
Motorola RSS

By (Unknown Anonymous)
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This list arrived as a two separate PDF files on an unlabeled floppy in the snail-mail with no return address on the precanceled envelope. The two files were merged, sorted by product, duplicates removed and then HTML'd. As the source is unknown and unavailable, there is no guarantee of accuracy. The file dates were in 2001, but dates can be changed easily, so they can't be accepted as fact...

Yes, this page is crowded, it's the result of the effort made to allow it to print on an 11-inch wide page. To print it, click on [File] then [Page Setup] and select "Landscape" mode. Then set the left and right margins to 0.25 inch. If you don't you will lose at least one column of text, possibly two.

If you want to find a specific RSS number (like RVN-4184), use the Control-F feature of your browser, but don't quit with the first hit. There may be more than one. And try again without the hyphen (i.e. RVN4184). If you are looking for a specific radio, don't stop with the first hit. Some radios had two or even three RSS that would work on them.

Part # Media Operating
Product(s) Manual(s) RSS Ver License? Release Date RIB
RIB-to-radio cable
HVN9054D 3.5 3.1, 95, 98 1225 6880904Z93 R03.2 RPX4719G 08/23/00 Yes 3080070N01
RVN4106B 3.5   "-10" PRODUCT CONFIG TOOL 6804005C75 R04.00.00   08/25/93    
HVN9001D 3.5 3.1, 95, 98 1225LS 6880906Z25 R2.0 RPX4719G 12/15/00 Yes HLN9359A
RVN4057C 3.5 DOS 32x8 Codeplug 6881125E50 R01.01.01 RPX4719G 08/09/91 No 3080385B23 &
MDVN4964E 3.5   9100 System Upgrade N/A R02.01.00   01/03/95    
RVN4126E 3.5   9100-386 & 9100-386T Devices 6804018C30 R01.60.00   01/31/97    
MDVN4963C 3.5   9100-386 System Upgrade N/A R02.00.00   01/03/95    
MDVN4965C 3.5   9100-WS/T Configuration N/A N/A   01/03/95    
RVN4085C 3.5   Advanced Securenent CIU 6880310B58 R02.00.00 RPX4719G 01/11/94 No 0180358A25
RVN4185A CD 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000 Astro 25 Mobile   R01.00.00 RPX4719G 11/15/01 No NKN6545A
RVN4186A CD 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000 Astro 25 Mobile/Portable   R01.00.00 RPX4719G 11/15/01   RKN4105A /
RVN4181A CD 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000 Astro 25 Portable   R01.00.00 RPX4719G 11/15/01   RKN4105A /
RVN4053M 3.5   ASTRO Digital Interface 6802924C15 R7.01.11 RPX4719G 04/12/00 No 3080385B23
RVN4183B CD 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000 Astro Mobile   R01.01.00 RPX4719G 10/22/01 Yes RKN4047A
RVN4100U 3.5 DOS Astro Mobile/Portable N/A R09.01.00 NLA - SUBS TO RVN4184    
RVN4184B CD 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000 Astro Mobile/Portable Combination   R01.01.00 RPX4719G 10/22/01 Yes RKN4046A (Port)
RKN4047A (Mob)
RVN4182B CD 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000 Astro Portable   R01.01.00 RPX4719G 10/22/01 Yes RKN4046A
RVN4154G 3.5   ASTROTAC 3000 Comparator 6881098E15 R03.07.00 RPX4719G 10/20/99   3080385B23
RVN5003D 3.5   ASTROTAC Comparators 6881087E80 R50.21.00 RPX4719G 06/19/96 No 3080399E31 Adapt.
RVN4131C 3.5   BLINKERS.EXE INSTR. SHEET VER.1.02 6880309G87 04/19/96    
RVN4083A 3.5   BSC II 6880310B51 VR01.00 6880309G87 07/24/90 No FKN5836A
MDLN1058A 3.5 DOS C DEVELOPMENT APPL 6802705X01 R03.00.00   08/26/92    
NTN1024C 3.5 DOS C DEVL'MT.RD-LAP APPL 6802705X01 R01.00.00   08/26/92    
RVN4171B 3.5   C200   R01.01.00 RPX4719G 12/04/00    
HVN9025H CD 95,95, 98, ME, NT, 2000 CDM PRO Series 6881088C46 R06.01.00 RLN4809A 11/14/00   AARKN4083
AARKN4081 Ribless
RVN4029K 3.5   CENTRACOM SERIES II 6881121E49 R09.05.02 RPX4719G 11/15/96 No VARIOUS
RVN4112E 3.5   COMMANDPLUS 6880309E42   RPX4719G   No  
RVN4149C 3.5   COMTEGRA 6881096E75 R04.00.00 RPX4719G 02/11/99 Yes 3082056X02
RPX4719G 05/09/95 Yes 3080070N01
R03.04.00 RPX4719G 12/13/1995 Yes 3080070N01
RVN4091C 3.5   DGT 9000 DESKSET 6880310B59 R01.00.11 RPX4719G 06/04/96 Yes 0180358A22
RVN4135A 3.5 DOS R100 (HVN9177) M100/M200,M110,M400 6880900Z22   RPX4719G 12/13/1995 Yes 0180358A52
HVN9025H CD 95,95, 98, ME, NT, 2000 EX500/600 6881088C46 R06.01.00 RLN4809A 11/14/00 Yes JMKN4123
RVN4107B 3.5 DOS FORMSGEN 9100-11 6881063C60 R03.06.00   12/13/1995    
RVN4146C 3.5   FORTE Wireless CommPad 6802945C40 R02.02.09 RPX4719G 05/08/98    
RVN4114A 3.5   GLOBAL POSITIONING SYS. 6880310B77 R01.00.00 RPX4719G 12/14/1995 No RKN4021A
HVN8177F 3.5   GM / GR300 / GR500 / GR400 / M10 / 12 / 130 6880902Z36
R05.00.00 RPX4719G 12/13/1995 Yes 3080070N01
RVN4159A 3.5   GP 60 SERIES 6881086C08 R04.00.00 RPX4719G 12/27/96 Yes PMLN4074A
RVN4152C 3.5 DOS GP350 AVS 6880904Z32 R1.20 RPX4719G 01/23/98    
RVN4152C 3.5 DOS GP350 AVS 6880904Z32 R08.02.00 RPX4719G 12/30/1997    
RVN4150H 3.5 DOS GTX 6802948C70 R04.00.01 RPX4719G 10/13/00 Yes HKN9857(Portable)
RVN4047A 3.5 DOS HT 10 6881061C95 R01.00.06 RPX4719G 12/14/1995 Yes RTK4208B
RVN4021C 3.5 DOS HT 50 6881056C20 R02.00.00 RPX4719G 12/13/1995 Yes RTK4208B
RVN4005H 3.5 DOS HT600 (not HT600E) 6881045C55 R03.01.01 RPX4719G 04/03/01 Yes RTK4205C
RVN4031C 3.5 DOS HT800 6881058C65 R04.05.00 RPX4719G 12/13/1995 Yes RTK4205C
HVN9025K CD 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000 HT CDM/MTX/ER SERIES   CPS R06.02.03
PASSPORT R03.00.04
RLN4809A 7/17/2002 Yes AARKN4083
AARKN4081 Ribless
AARKN4075 Ribless non-USA
RVN4098H 3.5 DOS HT1000 / JT1000 / VISAR CONV'L 6881073C55 R03.03.00 RPX4719G 05/01/98 Yes RKN4035B(HT1000)
3080371E46(JT, VISAR CONV'L)
RVN4151B 3.5 DOS HT1000 AVS 6881084C35 R1.0 RPX4719G 08/30/97    
HVN9025H CD 95,95, 98, ME, NT, 2000 HT750/HT1250 6881088C46 R06.01.00 RLN4809A 11/14/00 Yes RKN4074A
HVN9085B 3.5   i20R   R01.02.00 6880309G87 12/26/00 No HLN9359
HVN9084B 3.5   i750 6880904Z45 R01.00.08 6880309G87 11/12/1996 Yes HLN-9102A
RVN4174N CD 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000 iDEN SUPER AGENT   R01.13.00 RPX4719G 4/19/02    
  R01.02.04 02/15/96    
HVN6053D CD 95,95, 98, ME, NT, 2000 KARISMA (CT SERIES) N.A R02.01.03 RLN4995A 11/08/00 Yes AAPMKN4004
RVN4156N 3.5 DOS LCS/LTS 2000 6802946C20 R02.00.10 RPX4719G 8/24/2001 Yes HKN9857(Portable)
RVN4087A 3.5   LORAN C LOC. RECV'R. 6880103W13 R01.00.00 6880309G87 12/14/1995 No RKN4021A
RVN4135A 3.5 DOS M100/M200 (HVN9173) 6880900Z20   RPX4719G 09/22/94 Yes 3080070N01
RVN4135A 3.5 DOS M110 (HVN9646)     RPX4719G 09/22/94 Yes 3080070N01
RVN4135A 3.5 DOS M400 (HVN9774) 6880901Z68   RPX4719G 09/22/94 Yes 3080070N01
RVN4135A 3.5 DOS M100/M200, M110, M400, R100 includes HVN9173,9177,9646,9774 6880900Z20   RPX4719G 12/13/1995 Yes 3080070N01
RVN4023G 3.5 DOS MARATRAC 6880102W24 R05.00.00 RPX4719G 07/02/98 Yes 3080070N01
RVN4019K 3.5 DOS MAXTRAC CONVENTIONAL 6880900Z03 R07.02.00 RPX4719G 01/05/98 Yes 3080070N01
RVN4139C 3.5 DOS MAXTRAC LS 6881078C79 R03.00.00 RPX4719G 01/23/98 Yes 3080070N01
RVN4043S 3.5 DOS MAXTRAC TRK'D. 6880102W46 R05.07.03 RPX4719G 4/6/2000 Yes 3080070N01
RVN4178A CD   MC SERIES, MC2000/2500   R01.00.00 NONE 5/15/2001   DDN6124A (DB25)
DDN6367A (DB9)
VVN4190B 3.5   MCP GENERIC 6802903A48 R01.00.10 RPX4719G 02/06/96    
RVN4027B 3.5   MCR 100 6881125E60 R01.10.00 6880309G87 12/14/1995    
RVN4177G CD 95,95, 98, ME, NT, 2000 COMBINATION MCS/MTS   R01.05.14 RPX4719G 08/24/01    
combination of RVN4175 AND RVN4176 containing RVN4175, RVN4113, RVN4176, RVN4097, important notice sheet, letter
95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, DOS MCS / MTS 6881081C15
R01.08.00 RPX4719G 06/18/02    
RVN4175K contains: RVN4113 (DOS) important notice sheet, letter 1-CD 1-3.5 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, DOS MCS 2000 6881081C15 R01.08.00 RPX4719G 6/18/2002   Rib to MIC connector RKN4062B
RVN4113K 3.5 DOS MCS2000 6881081C15 R05.05.00 NLA - SUBS TO RVN4175 Yes RKN4062(for PROG/CLONING)
RVN4011B 3.5 DOS MCX 1000 6802902A30 R02.02.00 RPX4719G 12/13/95 Yes 3000056M01
RVN4063A 3.5 DOS MCX 1000 MARINE 682990A02 R01.03.00 RPX4719G 12/14/1995 Yes 3000056M01
RVN4117C 3.5   MDC/RDLAP DEVICES 6804110L45 R03.04.00   12/29/1995    
RVN4312A 3.5   MICOM 2 6802942C80 V2.0 RPX4719G 05/16/97 No FLN2423
RVN4105A 3.5   MOBILE PROG. TOOL 6804006C40 R03.00.00   12/14/1995    
RVN4119C 3.5   MOBITEX DEVICES 6804016C65 R01.04.04   12/15/1995    
RVN4037A 3.5 DOS MOSTAR CONVENTIONAL 6880900Z57 - NLA -   Yes 3080367B90
RVN4059C 3.5 DOS MOSTAR/TRAXAR TRK'D. 6881125E51 R01.01.01 RPX4719G 12/13/1995 No 3080367B90 / DUPLEX ADAPTER 0180359A29
RVN4128A 3.5   MPT1327-1200 SERIES 6802058U46
R02.02.00 RPX4719G 12/14/1995 Yes SEE MANUAL
RVN4025A 3.5   MSF 5000/PURC/ANALOG 6881121E08 V01.00.00 RPX4719G 12/13/1995 Yes 0180355A30
RVN4077G 3.5   MSF5000/10000 FIELD PROG DIGITAL 6881125E68 R05.21.00 RPX4719G 12/13/1995 Yes 0180355A30
RVN4017K 3.5 DOS MT 1000 6881050C20 R03.02.00 RPX4719G 5/18/2001 Yes RTK4205C
RVN4148M 3.5   MTR 2000 6881096E15 R03.02.06 RPX4719G 02/20/01 Yes 3082056X02
RVN4140C 3.5   MTRI 2000 6880309F68 R01.02.00 RPX4719G 02/17/99 No  
RVN4176G CD 95,95, 98, ME, NT, 2000 MTS WINDOWS   R01.05.14 RPX4719G 08/24/01    
RVN4176K contains RVN4097 (DOS) important notice sheet, letter 1-CD 1-3.5 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, DOS MTS2000, MT2000*, MTX8000, MTX9000 *programmed by DOS which is included in the RVN4176 6881074C50 R01.08.00 RPX4719G 6/18/2002    
RVN4097S 3.5 DOS MTSX/MT/MTS/MTX 6881074C50 R06.05.00 NLA - SUBS TO RVN4176 Yes RKN4035B
RVN4131C 3.5   MTVA CODE PLUG FIX INSTR SHEET   6880309G87 04/19/96    
RVN4131C 3.5   MTVA CODE PLUG FIX INSTR SHEET VER.1.02 6880309G87 4/9/1996    
RVN4142A 3.5   MTVA DOCTOR 6880309F67 R05.10.00 RPX4719G 12/14/1996 Yes 3080070N01
RVN4131C 3.5   MTVA3.EXE INSTR. SHEET VER.3.00 6880309G87 04/19/96    
RVN4013K 3.5 DOS MTX 800 & 800S 6881054C10 R05.00.00 RPX4719G 01/05/98 Yes RTK4205C
RVN4065H 3.5 DOS MTX 810 6881065C25 R03.00.00 RPX4719G 01/05/98 Yes RTK4205C
RVN4033J 3.5 DOS MTX 900 6881068C85 R04.00.00 RPX4719G 01/05/98 Yes RTK4205C
RVN4055H 3.5 DOS MTX 900S 6881065C55 R04.00.00 RPX4719G 01/05/98 Yes RTK4205C
RVN4097 replaced by RVN4176 1-CD DOS MTX8000/9000 MTS2000,MT2000*, MTX8000, programmed by DOS which is included in the RVN4176            
RVN4081F 3.5 DOS MTX820/820S/888/888S 6881068C55 R03.00.00 RPX4719G 01/05/98 Yes RTK4205C
HVN9067C CD 95, 98 MTX850/8250 MTX950,9250   R01.03.03 RLN4809A 12/21/2001    
RVN4138B 3.5 DOS MTX-LS 6881078C83 R02.00.00 RPX4719G 06/13/96 Yes RKN4035D
RVN4035B 3.5 DOS MX 1000 6802002F01 R02.03.00 6880309G87 12/13/1995 Yes RTK4203C
RVN4073B 3.5 DOS MX 800 6881064C90 R01.01.00 RPX4719G 12/13/1995 Yes RKN4006B
RVN4134B 3.5 DOS P100 (HVN9175) P200 LB (HVN9794) P50+ (HVN9395) P210 (HVN9763) P500 (HVN9941) PR3000 (HVN9586) 6880901Z52   RPX4719G 7/27/2001 Yes RTK4205
HVN9852J 3.5 DOS P110   R08.00.03 RPX4719G 4/30/96 Yes HKN9755A/REX1143
HVN9262E 3.5 DOS P200 UHF/VHF 6881059C40 R03.01.00 RPX4719G 07/26/01 Yes RTK4205
RVN4129A 3.5   PDT220 6804020C10
R01.00.00   12/13/95    
YVN4051C 3.5   PORTABLE REPEATER 6881075C70 R1.02.00 RPX4719G 5/21/1996   Portable repeater P1820 / P1821AX
RVN4061C 3.5 DOS PP 1000/500 6881125E52 R01.01.01 6880309G87 12/13/1995 No 3080385B23 &
RVN4134A 3.5 DOS PR3000 (HVN-9586) 6880901Z27   RPX4719G 09/22/94    
RVN5002AE 3.5   QUANTAR/QUANTRO RECV. 6881092E25,
R12.02.00 RPX4719G 6/13/2002 No 3O80369E31
RVN4135A 3.5 DOS R100 (HVN9177) 6880900Z22   RPX4719G 09/22/94 Yes 0180358A52
RVN4135A 3.5 DOS RADIUS MOBILES KIT FOR M100/M200, M110, M400, R100 6880900Z20
  RPX4719G 09/22/94 Yes  
RVN4134A 3.5 DOS RADIUS PORTABLES KIT FOR P100, P500, P210, P200 LB, P50+, PR3000 6880901Z91
  RPX4719G 09/22/94 Yes HKN9755A
MDVN4747B 3.5   R-LINK DEVELOPMENT 6804026C35 R01.01.00   08/05/94    
RVN4146C 3.5   RPM500/660 6802945C40 R02.02.09 RPX4719G 4/30/1998    
RVN4002K 3.5 DOS SABER 6881062C95 R07.01.00 RPX4719G 12/13/95 Yes RTK4203C
RVN4131C 3.5   SETTLET.EXE INSTR. SHEET VER.5.10 6880309G87 4/9/1996    
HVN9007E 3.5   SM50 & SM120 6880903Z78 R05.00.00 RPX4719G 9/1/98 Yes  
RVN4039B 3.5 DOS SMART STATUS 6802976G45 R01.03.00 RPX4719G 12/13/95 Yes FKN5825A
HVN9054D 3.5 3.1, 95, 98 SOFTWARE P1225 6880904Z93 R03.2 RPX4719G 8/23/2000 Yes 3080070N01
HVN9001D 3.5 3.1, 95, 98 SOFTWARE 1225LS 6880906Z25 R2.0 RPX4719G 12/15/2000 Yes HLN9359A
HVN9012D 3.5   SP50 6880903Z25 R04.00.00 RPX4719G 9/2/1998    
RVN4001N 3.5 DOS SPECTRA 6880101W48 R06.00.05 RPX4719G 12/13/1995 Yes 3080369B73(standard)
0180300B10(high pwr)
RVN4099B 3.5 DOS SPECTRA RAILROAD 6802903A55 R04.05.01 RPX4719G 12/13/95 Yes 3080369B73
RVN4110A 3.5   STATION ACCESS MODULE 6880309E35 R01.01.00 RPX4719G 12/13/1995 No 3080369E31
RVN4049E 3.5 DOS STX 6881065C30 R03.01.00 6880309G87 12/13/1995 Yes 0180357A54
RVN4089A 3.5 DOS STX TRANSIT 6881069C55 R01.01.00 6880309G87 12/14/1995 Yes 0180357A54
RVN4007E 3.5 DOS SYNTOR X 9000 (control head) 6880309B25
CH-R07.11 RPX4719G 08/16/94 Yes 0180353A75
RVN4007E 3.5 DOS SYNTOR X 9000 (radio) 6880309B24
RD-R08.01 RPX4719G 12/13/1995 Yes 0180353A75
RVN4102A 3.5 DOS SYNTOR X 9000 DUAL 6807992D52 D07.03.SP01 RPX4719G 12/14/1995 Yes 0180353A75
RVN4069A 3.5 DOS SYNTOR X TRK'D. 6880310B42 R01.00.00 6880309G87 12/13/1995 Yes 0180353A75
RVN4009F 3.5 DOS SYSTEM 9000E 6880101W98 R04.10.04 RPX4719G 12/13/1995 Yes 0180353A75
RVN4051F 3.5 DOS SYSTEMS SABER 6881060C25 R04.00.00 6880309G87 12/13/1995 Yes RTK4203B
RVN4075D 3.5   T5600/T5620 SERIES 6802981G35 R04.00.02 RPX4719G 12/13/1995 No 3080385B23
HVN9060D CD   TC3000, TS3000, TR3000   R01.02.01.01 RLN4997A 3/20/2002    
HVN9060B CD   TELARIO TMT   R01.00.03.01 RLN4997A 08/11/00    
RVN4123G 3.5 DOS VISAR PRIVACY PLUS 6881073C90 R04.00.01 RPX4719G 01/31/97 Yes 3080371E46
RVN4333A 3.5   VRM 100 TOOLBOX 6802944C40 V3.70 RPX4719G 06/28/96   FKN4486A cable & adapter
RVN4133K 3.5   VRM 500/600/650 6802946C95 R03.01.03 RPX4719G 6/18/2002 No  
RVN4181E CD 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP XTS2500/5000 PORTABLES 6881095C44 R01.04.01 RPX4719G 7/26/2002   RKN4105A/RKN4106A
RVN4100 replaced by RVN4182 or RVN4183 2-3.5 DOS XTS3000 ASTRO PORTABLE/MOBILE            
RVN4100U 3.5 DOS XTS3000 6881074C70 R09.01.00 NLA - SUBS TO RVN4184 Yes RKN4035D
contains: RVN4100, important notice sheet, letter
98, ME, NT, 2000,
XTS3000 / SABER (PORT)   R01.04.00 RPX4719G 06/19/02 Yes RKN4046A
RVN4170D 3.5 DOS XTS3500 6881089C82 R02.00.03 RPX4719G 11/09/00 Yes RKN4035D

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