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  Motorola Spectra
Mobile Radio
Module Numbers

By Robert W. Meister WA1MIK
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The following information was extracted from several Spectra Mobile Basic Service Manuals (BSM) as well as the Spectra Detailed Service Manual (DSM). Manual part numbers are listed below, but none of them are available from Motorola any more as the Spectra product line has been discontinued. ASTRO Spectra mobile radios are still available and are NOT covered in this article. Some older module numbers have been omitted.

Module numbers can be found on printed stickers somewhere on the circuit board. You may have to remove shields or the actual boards to find these numbers. All shields and board mounting screws have T-15 heads.

These lists are NOT all-inclusive; they are probably missing some information too. If someone has the 800 MHz BSM and can provide the missing module numbers, I'd be glad to add them.

All tables below are sorted by board name and range.

VHF Modules:

The VHF high-band is covered by two overlapping ranges:

  1. 136-162 MHz
  2. 146-174 MHz

Module NameRange BSM No.DSM No.
Command BoardALL HLN6094BHLN6094B
PA Board 025w136-162 HLD6066BHLD6066B
PA Board 025w146-174 HLD6032BHLD6032B
PA Board 050wALL HLD6022BHLD6022B
PA Board 110w136-162 HLD6064B 
PA Board 110w146-174 HLD6063BHLD6063A
RF Board 2.5ppmALL HRN6004CHRN6004B/C
RF Board 5.0ppmALL HRN6001CHRN6001B/C
RX Front End136-162 HRD6001BHRD6001B
RX Front End146-174 HRD6002BHRD6002B
RXFE w/Preamp136-162 HRD6011BHRD6011B
RXFE w/Preamp146-174 HRD6012BHRD6012B
VCO Carrier BoardALL HLD6000BHLD6000B
VCO Hybrid136-162 HLD6061BHLD6061A
VCO Hybrid146-174 HLD6062BHLD6062A

UHF Modules:

The UHF band is covered by four ranges:

  1. 403-433 MHz
  2. 438-470 MHz (motorcycle radios only)
  3. 450-482 MHz
  4. 482-512 MHz

Module NameRange BSM No.DSM No.
Command BoardALL HLN6094BHLN6094B
PA Board 006w403-433 HLE6071B 
PA Board 025w438-470 HLE6062B 
PA Board 040w403-433 HLE6049C 
PA Board 040w450-482 HLE6043CHLE6043B
PA Board 040w482-512 HLE6044CHLE6044B
PA Board 100w403-433 HLE6051B 
PA Board 100w450-482 HLE6039BHLE6039A
PA Board 100w482-512 HLE6040B 
RF Board 2.5ppmALL HRN6006DHRN6006B/C
RF Board 5.0ppmALL HRN6003DHRN6003B/C
RX Front End403-433 HRE6001B 
RX Front End438-474 HRE6002BHRE6002A
RX Front End450-482 HRE6003BHRE6003A
RX Front End482-512 HRE6004BHRE6004A
RXFE w/Preamp403-433 HRE6011B 
RXFE w/Preamp438-474 HRE6012BHRE6012A
RXFE w/Preamp450-482 HRE6013BHRE6013A
RXFE w/Preamp482-512 HRE6014BHRE6014A
VCO Carrier Board403-433 HLE6045B 
VCO Carrier Board438-474 HLE6046B 
VCO Carrier Board450-482 HLE6000DHLE6000C
VCO Carrier Board482-512 HLE6041DHLE6041C
VCO Hybrid403-433 HLE6101A 
VCO Hybrid438-474 HLE6102A 
VCO Hybrid450-482 HLE6103BHLE6103B
VCO Hybrid482-512 HLE6104BHLE6104B

800 MHz and 900 MHz Modules:

800 and 900 MHz radios only come in one range. I don't have any BSM or model info for the 800 MHz radios because they're not used in amateur service.

Module NameRange BSM No.DSM No.
PA Board 15w800  HLF6078A
PA Board 35w800  HLF6077B
RF Board 1.5ppm800  HRN6009A/B
RF Board 1.5ppm wide800  HRN6011A/B
RF Board 2.5ppm800  HRN6010A/B
RX Front End800  HRF6004A
VCO Carrier Board800  HLF6080A
VCO Hybrid800  HLF6079A
Command Board900 HLN6094CHLN6094B
Command Board E-series900  HLN6324A/B/C
HearClear Board900 HLN6150AHLN6150A
PA Board 04w900 HLF6083BHLF6083B
PA Board 12w900 HLF6074BHLF6074C
PA Board 30w900 HLF6075BHLF6075A
PA Board 30w900 HLF6068AHLF6082A
RF Board900 HRN6007A/BHRN6007A/B
RX Front End900 HRF6003AHRF6003A
VCO Carrier Board900 HLF6084A/B/CHLF6084B/C
VCO Hybrid900 HLF6072A/B/CHLF6072C

Manuals Utilized:

Service ManualPublication No.
VHF Basic6881070C85-A
UHF Basic6881071C05-A
900 MHz Basic6880101W37-C

Acknowledgements and Credits:

Spectra, ASTRO Spectra, and a whole bunch of other terms and model names are trademarks of Motorola, Inc.

Contact Information:

The author can be contacted at: his-callsign [ at ] comcast [ dot ] net.

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