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General Information:

The XTL line basically replaced the Spectra line. After the Spectra, the Astro Spectra was born from the analog Spectra for the public safety market for APCO25/P25 digital use. The Spectra design has been around long time so it was time for Motorola to come out with a new model line. The XTL is that new model line.

So in that regard, the XTL is not any smaller or larger than a Spectra. In fact, the same mounting bracket could be used for both, although they did release a fancier tilt bracket for the XTL line. Both the XTL and Spectra weigh the same... about 6 lbs. and they are the same depth and width.

The CPS11 is not the traditional DOS RSS like the Spectra. It is the new Windows-based programming software and only comes on CD-ROM. I'm not sure if Windows ME will support it, but unlike the older RSS, the CPS is not sensitive to CPU speed so if you have a fast 2GHz desktop, the CPS11 would still be fine under Windows XP for example.

Out-Of-Band Hex-editing:

Here are the sequences I found and changed in CPS11.00.00 for out-of-band operation on 900 MHz.

Hex-Edit the "PatMob" program of the CPS. (The hex values shown below seem to be ordered such that the most significant byte is on the right; in other words, "37 BB 28 94" is how it would be entered if the most significant byte was on the left, and is how you'd enter the values if using the Windows Desktop Calculator accessory.)

Change TX Lower Limit:

94 28 BB 37 (= 935,012,500 Hz)
Replace with:
54 9E C3 35 (= 902,012,500 Hz)
15 Occurrences

Change RX Upper Limit:

AC 3C C3 35 (= 901,987,500 Hz)
Replace with:
2C F7 4F 37 (= 927,987,500 Hz)
1 Occurrence

Probably not the issue this time, but after starting the CPS, and before reading a file or the radio, be sure that "Enable Frequency Picklists" (View|Options|Frequency Options) is unchecked.

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