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Custom Products for the Repeater Builder

GE MASTR II 220MHz Conversion Kit for Mobile Radios

This is a kit of parts that contains everything needed to convert a VHF GE MASTR II Mobile equiped with a PLL exciter for use in the 222 MHz Amateur Band.
A different kit is available for those with a multiplier type exciter.
This kit includes:

Exciter Parts:

8pf Capacitor

6pf Capacitor

470 ohm resistor

1.5 uH inductor

.15 uH inductor

Mechanical Parts:

Momentary PTT test switch

Toggle PTT disable switch

Fuse holder

6A Fuse

10 ohm Audio Load

SO-239 connector

UG-177U Hood


PA Parts:

M57774 Power Module

TIP29 Pass Transistor

Repeater-Builder AMP-BD

Wire and cable:

~4' Controller hook-up Umbilical Cord

9 Hookup wire

#10-2 Power wire

8 14-2 Power wire

16 Small coax cable

22 Medium coax cable


(3) 4-40 x 3/8 screws

(3) 4-40 Nuts

(1) 4-40 screw

(2) 6-32 x 3/8 screws

Complete instructions are included. A GE manual for your radio is highly suggested.

Cost: $125 each plus $10 shipping

Shipping is via Priority Mail.

Insurance is Optional. Shipping may be combined.

Terms: Prepaid via Postal Money Order

To order, or for more information, Please contact us either via e-mail or by phone (814) 444-9460 during reasonable hours EST.

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