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Custom Products for the Repeater Builder

MICOR Volume / Squelch Board

This board is an easy way to replace the factory control head circuitry in a Motorola MICOR Mobile radio when interfacing to a repeater controller.

On-board features include:

This board is similar in design to the Volume / Squelch board manufactured for the GE MASTR II series radios with additional circuitry needed with the MICOR Mobile. This board has all necessary circuitry neatly packaged on one circuit board. Hook-up wire included with board purchase.

MVSQ shown mounted in a MICOR Mobile including wiring
MVSQ shown mounted in a MICOR Mobile

Installation sheets:
Early Version 'A' Documentation
Late Version 'B' Documentation

Cost: $25 each

Shipping for the above is $5 via Priority Mail.

Insurance is Optional. Shipping may be combined with other products.

Terms: Prepaid via Postal Money Order.

To order, or for more information, Please contact us either via e-mail or by phone (814) 444-9460 during reasonable hours EST.

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