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Custom Products for the Repeater Builder

Amplifier board for GE MASTR II or Mot. MICOR

This board is an easy way to add a Japanese type power module of whatever frequency range into a GE MASTR II or Motorola MICOR radio.  This board has all necessary circuitry neatly packaged on one circuit board. It offers solder pad connections for input and output coaxes, reverse protection diodes, bypass capacitors, and power set circuitry. This module can also be used to build a stand alone power amplifier.

This board will work with any modules that use the H2 Case style.


AMPBD shown mounted on a MASTR II Mobile heatsink.


AMPBD shown mounted in a MICOR Mobile


Click here to download the installation sheet.

Cost: $25 each

Does NOT include power module.

M57774 220MHz power module: $60.00 each

Shipping for the above items is $5 via Priority Mail.

Insurance is Optional. Shipping may be combined.

Terms: Prepaid via Postal Money Order

To order, or for more information, Please contact us either via e-mail or by phone (814) 444-9460 during reasonable hours EST.

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