Custom Built
Motorola or General Electric Repeaters
Stations or Quality Mobile Conversions
MICOR, Mitrek, MASTR II, or Custom MVP

Scott Zimmerman N3XCC

A division of Zimmerman Electronics

We custom build 10, 6, and 2 meter, High-Band, 222, and UHF repeaters
from various Motorola or GE mobile radios.

Commercial, GMRS, or Amateur Applications.

We also custom rebuild Motorola or GE Stations and Repeaters.

Custom building, repair, or modification to Hamtronics repeaters.

Repeaters can be built, from your radio or ours, to include the necessities
or with all of the features available.

Click here for more information on GE conversions.

Click here for more information on Motorola conversions.

Repair or rebuilding of some repeater related equipment available.
Click Here for repair-rebuild options

Motorola MICOR mobile radio   GE MASTR 
II mobile radio

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