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Custom Built Repeaters

Radios for repeater conversions
  Motorola MICOR & GE MASTR II

AP-50 Audio Processor
   AP-50 Application notes for GE MASTR II PM to FM

USB-RIM RoIP Radio/Controller Interface Module
  AllStar USB radio interface.

Remote Base / Repeater Antennas
   220 MHz
   Dual Band

CMX589AP4 Full-duplex GMSK Modem IC

MVSQ MICOR Volume / Squelch Board

AMPBD Amplifier Board

6-32 Ferrite Slug for GE MII PLL Conversion

220 GE MASTR II Conversion Kit

2 Meter MICOR helical resonators and receiver conversions
  Make that MICOR hear the real weak ones.

220 MHz MICOR helical resonators
  For 220 MHz receiver conversions.

AS-1 Static Buster
  Removes Corona and Precipitation Static from antennas.

CH-25 Crystal Heater
  Affordable temperature stability for crystal controlled radios.

MS-25 MICOR Squelch
  Add on carrier (noise) squelch.

SC-50 Squelch - CTCSS Decoder
  Add on carrier squelch and CTCSS decoder.

Bird 43 Signal Sampler
  For testing transmitters, receivers, and repeaters.

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