Custom Built High-Band or 2 meter
Motorola MICOR Repeaters
by Repeater Builder
10 and 6 meter conversions and pricing are similar to the 2 meter model shown here, email us for details.

MICOR High-Band mobile converted to High-Band or 2 Meter repeater.
Items supplied with basic repeater:
This is a conversion of a mobile radio to a repeater.  A separate receiver RF connection is added to the front panel.
A length of heavy duty power cable (red/black) is supplied for the power cord.  A variety of interface options (DB-9, plain old wire tail, barrier terminal block) are available for connecting an outboard controller.  This repeater can also be built to include an NHRC controller.  The addition of a NHRC controller makes a really nice package and the repeater basically becomes 'plug-n'play'.  No duplexer is supplied.

The MICOR receiver requires modification of the front end helical preselector for use in the 2 meter ham band.
Conversion of the receiver using this method and an explanation of why it is best is available here:  MICOR High-Band receiver conversion.
For 2 Meter Repeater conversions we install hand-made replica 132 - 150.8 MHz coils in the receiver front end casting.  This is slightly more laborious, but ultimately is cheaper and works identically to the factory original coils, that are no longer available.  Go Here to read about the research done on the helical resonator coils.  We guarantee our MICOR receiver conversions to have stated factory sensitivity specification; which is .35 uV (-116 dBm) for 12 dB SINAD.  Commonly, our receivers do about .30 uV (-117.5 dBm) and with a MICOR preamp about .15 uV (-124 dBm) for 12 dB SINAD and a squelch threshold that breaks at less than -130 dBm, something below the calibrated range of our service monitors.

The high-band PA's will tune the ham band and have reasonable efficiency.  For Ham repeaters that expect high duty cycle, I recommend the Genuine MICOR 45 watt power amp built for the 132 to 150.8 split,  These PA's will run all day long at 40 watts (the manufacturers continuous duty rating of a MICOR mobile heatsink) and be very reliable.  We can't convert the PA's, but we have availability of some used / pristine take outs.  See below for details.

The repeater will require a 35 amp Linear Astron Power supply or equivalent just to run the repeater.  If an add on RF Power Amp is going to be used, please allow for the additional current consumption accordingly.  Astron's are good because of their over-voltage protection.  We don't recommend switching supplies on repeaters.

  • The price below includes receiver conversion using replica coils for use in the 132 - 150.8 MHz. range.
  • Basic MICOR Mobile radio 45, 60, 75 or 110 watts, converted to repeater $675.00

  • The price below for Commercial models having no RF conversion for use in the 150.8 - 174 MHz. range.
  • Basic MICOR Mobile radio 45, 60, 75 or 110 watts, converted to repeater $625.00

  • All Sales subject to the Terms outlined in this linked page.

    Options: (If you don't see your option listed here, e-mail us for pricing and availability!)

  • True FM exciter, add $75.00
  • Temperature Compensated channel Elements for TX and RX from Bomar, add $75.00 per pair.
  • Genuine MICOR 132 - 150.8 MHz 45 watt Power Amplifier, add $75.00
  • NHRC-3+ controller w/voice, installed, add $200.00
  • NHRC-4 linking controller installed, add $190.00
  • Reed type (original equipment) PL encoding and decoding available.  $35.00 for decode, $25.00 for encode.  (not all reed frequencies always available)
  • If programmable CTCSS (PL) decode is desired, the Com Spec TS-64 DS is available installed, add $75.00.

  • (Encode is available as a free option with the TS-64DS, but not hooked up standard)
    (DS = Dip Switch frequency selection)
  • Gated PL encode on the repeater transmitter available for $15.00 additional if TS-64 option is installed.  (encode made to follow COS on the TS-64)
  • A TS-32 option is available for those who don't need Reverse Burst, add $50.00
  • Preamp.  We have had excellent results with the Ramsey 2 meter preamp kit.  This option will add an additional 5 or 6 dB of usable sensitivity.
          This option is available built, installed, and tuned, add $45.00  This preamp can be mounted inside the radio set.
  • Properly Converted Genuine MICOR preamp is available for $75.00.
          This preamp should be chosen for sites that may be plagued with intermod, like crowded towers and downtown city installations. It's mounted inside the radio set and can add up to 10 dB of sensitivity.
  • We also convert user supplied radios.
    You can deduct $50 from the stated price of the repeater as referenced above if you ship your working radio (with Channel Elements) to us for conversion.
    Thanks for your interest in our custom built repeaters.  Let us know if we can help you out.

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    (Weekdays during normal business hours)

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