Version 1 (Green Board) Schematic & Board Layout
Version 2 (Red Board) Schematic & Board Layout

The new STM_32_DVM version 2 (RED) boards are now in stock!!

Latest Production Update:

Try as I might, I just can't seem to get ahead of the incoming orders.
At present, I am typically able to fill orders within a week to 10 days.
I currently have blank boards in stock and parts to build DVM assemblies.
Since I build all boards by hand, the current bottleneck in production is time.
Orders are processed and shipped in chronological order. First in - First out.
If you place an order, you will get a shipping notification from the USPS with a tracking number when your order ships.
THANK YOU for your understanding and continued patronage.

    Special Limited Time Price - $80  

    This is a stand alone version for folks that aren't running MMDVMHost on a Raspberry Pi. This version connects to the host platform just like other vendor's two piece (filter/processor combo) version.

    Special Limited Time Price - $75  

    This version is customized to be plug-and-play with a Raspberry PI 2/3 micro computer board. Combined with one of our custom cases, (optional) it makes for a nice, neat compact package.

    Special Limited Time Price - $5  

    This case is designed to cover your Raspberry PI 2/3 with the STM32_DVM installed.

    Complete Raspberry Pi3 / STM32_DVM Combo:
    Special Limited Time Price - $200  

      This is a complete starter DVM package which includes:

    • STM32_DVM_PiHat
    • Raspberry Pi3 Computer (with heatsinks)
    • Custom Transparent Case
    • Pre-programmed 16GB micro SD card - MW0MWZ's PiStar image
    • 5v@3A micro USB power supply
    • Premium package support
    • The above comes pre-assembled and ready to connect to your repeater.

      Note: The preloaded software is freely downloadable from - http://www.mw0mwz.co.uk/
      We are charging for our time to load the software on the card and assemble the package.

All of our products come with courteous and friendly customer service. While product documentation is continuously under development, the user manuals for these products will follow in the same lines as the rest of the RB products in being straight forward and thorough.

I am in the process of assembling a fairly broad collection of connection diagrams for various repeaters and simplex radios. These will all be published on-line for folks to download, easily make the necessary connections to their radio, and configure their software to be on the air with the new digital modes easier than ever before.

My hope is that these products help more people get started with the new and expanding digital modes and their advanced capabilities.

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For more information, Please contact Scott either via e-mail or by phone (814) 444-9460 during reasonable hours EST.

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