RB-USB RIM "Lite" Family of Products.
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While the ORIGINAL RB-USB-RIM is a feature rich USB to radio interface module designed to work in even the most demanding radio connections, the new RIM-Lite family is designed to streamline the most popular options into one cost effective module. Here is a listing of the current "Lite" family of products:

  • All of the new Lite version products still inclue the missing pulse detector circuitry to avoid stuck PTT lines. By default, the heartbeat and PTT outputs are configured to allow the missing pulse detector to automatically disable the PTT line in the event of a stuck PTT due to USB PC communications failure.

  • All of these new boards offer an optional serial EEPROM that can be used to store radio/repeater settings.*

  • Courteous and friendly customer service. While product documentation is currently being written, the user's manuals for these products will follow in the same lines as the rest of the RB products in being straight forward and thorough.
  • * Software implementation dependant

    I am in the process of assembling a fairly broad collection of connection diagrams for various repeaters and simplex radios. These will all be published on-line for folks to download, easily make the necessary connections to their radio, and configure their software to be on the air with AllStar easier than ever before.

    My hope is that these products help more people get started with AllStar and its advanced linking capabilities.

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