Build an Isolated Tee Connector or "Iso-Tee"
By Ted Bleiman K9MDM

Editors Note:  Anyone that has had the gratifying opportunity to meet Ted Bleiman in person will likely have a greater pleasure of reading this construction article.
Ted is known for his uncanny humor, in person, or as you will read, even in electronic medium.

In the text below, Ted explains how you can build a cheap Isolated Tee Connector that will aide you in testing various parts of a repeater system like a duplexer or receiver in the duplex world.  The main part needed is a UHF "Tee" connector, one having females on either end and a male in the center.  Added is a UHF 'barrel" on the male port which becomes the isolated port.
You take the T-connector and by grabbing the center pin with needle nose pliers, unscrew the thing.  Then, cut off the part that sticks out and file the shoulder flat.   This will give you an air gap.  Then, reassemble the connector having been careful NOT to lose the parts, (sometimes very difficult), and tighten the now shorter pin snugly.  Then cut a small piece of polyethylene or styrofoam.  Stuff the plastic insulator into the connector and screw a uhf barrel into it.   viola....   iso-tee...    The isolation is kind of random, but isolation is what you want.  Total time for assembly for a normal person probably 15-20 minutes, took me 2 hours; I lost parts in the carpet.
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