Build An Inexpensive Repeater Controller
from a Basic Stamp 1 or 2

By Roger Cameron "NØYOX"

Basic Concept:
Everyone who builds a repeater needs some form of a controller. There are many variations available. Costs range from a few dollars for the very simple COR controllers to several hundred for the real fancy ones. The project presented here will allow you to build an inexpensive controller that will allow customized programming so you can set up how you want the controller to function. How? Consider the Basic Stamp. The Basic Stamp is a small microcontroller with on board memory made by Parallax Inc., as well as some other manufacturers. Basic Stamp version 1 has 8 I/O lines, and version 2 has 16 I/O's,  I/O stands for input / output. With a Stamp, your home PC, and just a few inexpensive parts you can be on the air. The Stamp microcontroller runs a programming language called PBasic which is similar to the Basic language. If you have ever written in Basic you will find it very easy to program the Stamp in PBasic. The manual and editing program are available free from the Parallax web site, and the programming cable is easy to build. If you have never worked with the Basic Stamp before, you should consider buying the complete start-up kit that Parallax offers. The kit includes a manual, a carrier board, editor software, and cable to allow programming the Stamp from your PC.

Once the program is uploaded to the Stamp, it is a stand alone unit. You can upload to the Stamp as many times as you like. Included here is the programming code for the Stamp controllers.  Features include CW Id, Time out timer, Courtesy tone, and Repeater fan control. If you would like to share any ideas e-mail me at:

Building the Controller:

The *.pcb are expresspcb files:

Basic Stamp 1 PC Board File.

Basic Stamp 2 PC Board File.

The *.bmp files are bitmaps.

Basic Stamp 1 Image files.

Basic Stamp 2 Image files.

The *.bas and the *.bs2 files are Parallax files:

Basic Stamp 1 basic code file.

Basic Stamp 2 basic code file.

NØYOX PBasic code for the Basic Stamp 1 Controller

W3KKC PBasic code for the Basic Stamp 1 Controller

NØYOX Fox or Beacon PBasic code for the Basic Stamp 1 Controller

Old Image file of the Basic Stamp 1 Controller  

Hello Kevin
I thought you might want to add this Serial converter board to the article on this page "Nothing fancy something I made quickly to program a BS-1".
This is to be used with the BS-1. It allows you to used the windows based editor that is now available at the Parallax web site. BASIC Stamp Windows Editor

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