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The links below will allow you to build several working repeater controllers
No warranty as to the quality or usefulness is expressed by Repeater Builder.

If anyone has additional projects that should go here please let the repeater-builder staff know.

A PC Repeater controller by Rich Wilcox  KE4JFV

ke4jfv-repeater-controller.zip     A zip file (48kb) that includes the five files below: ke4jfv-controller-readme.doc, repeater.exe, morse.txt, DTMF.doc, and repeater.rnf files. This zip file is here for two reasons: one, some firewall or antivirus programs will not let you download an exe file, and second for simplicity - you only have to download one instead of five.

Rich's Homemade PC Repeater Controller     MS Word Document that gives an overview of the project and explains the interface hardware
repeater.exe     The actual program.
repeater.exe as a zip file     The actual program in another form in case your ISP or firewall hassles you about downloading an exe file. Just download this one, then rename repeater-exe.zip as repeater.exe
morse.txt     Text file that makes up the ID
DTMF.doc     MS Word Document that explains the DTMF circuitry
repeater.rnf     A data file used by the repeater.exe program
Note that the writeup above uses a 555 chip as a tone generator, and he couples the square wave output to the transmitter. A square wave sounds really harsh on the air. A sine wave tone generator is easy to build and can be substitured easily.

The VK5DJ Repeater Controller.     An offsite link to John Drew's repeater controller web site.

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